Samsung micro SDHC card drivers

  ron13 21:30 28 Mar 2014

I recently bought a Samsung SDHC micro card for my MS surface laptop. Unfortunately the card does not work and I suspect a driver problem. However when I search for drivers I end up at sites in the US that want large sums of money. The Samsung site seems to be no help. Can anyone suggest where to go from here?

  rdave13 21:36 28 Mar 2014

Is it seen in Disk Management?

  ron13 08:45 30 Mar 2014

Hi, yes the SD card is seen by the computer as a drive. It is when I try to access it that nothing happens.

  BRYNIT 10:07 30 Mar 2014

If the SD card is seen in disk manager you don't need any other drivers. In disk Manager did the card have a letter assigned? You say it does not work but how does it not work?

  ron13 22:36 30 Mar 2014

Yes, thanks for hanging in with this problem. This evening I pushed the card back into the slot and to my surprise there were some of my pictures, documents and music on the card. I am sure I never copied them over. So I tried to copy some other documents from an external hard drive to the card. At first the process was successful and I was able to copy files to the card. But suddenly the problem reappeared. When I attempted to copy a file across either by drag and drop or copy and paste a message appears saying, please insert a disc into SDHC (D:) This was the original problem that occurred every time I attempted to copy stuff to the card. I exit the message and the screen reverts to the external store and the SD card.

  BRYNIT 23:29 30 Mar 2014

It could be bad connections or you may have not fully pushed the card into the slot try removing and putting the card back in. If you still have problems try an external card reader.

As you do not say which model or OS you are using you might want to check the MS Web site for any possible driver or firmware updates.

  ron13 12:03 03 Apr 2014

Thanks for the help. I have cleaned the contacts on the SD card and replaced and now I can access the data so it looks like the problem was bad contacts on the SD card.

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