Samsung laser printer won't work under Windows 7

  Chitterlow 17:34 02 Apr 2010

I can't get my Samsung ML1915 Laser printer to work on my new Windows 7 desktop computer although it works perfectly on my old XP desktop and my Vista laptop. I have downloaded and installed the latest driver from Samsung to no avail. Samsung support team seem baffled. When I try to print, the printer makes it's usual pre printing whirring noise and then does nothing. When I monitor the print queue the little queue box changes from 0 to 1 very briefly then returns to 0. Has anybody else had this problem and can offer a solution.

  blink2gb 01:10 03 Apr 2010

Are you sure that you are using the correct Windows 7 driver as there is a 32 bit and a 64 bit version

Samsung ML-1915 Laser printer Windows 7 drivers

click here

  Chitterlow 07:38 03 Apr 2010

Thanks for your response. Yes I have downloaded the 32bit version. I have also tried the Universal driver. Apparently installing the driver is not as simple as you would imagine and Samsung support say they will talk me through it when I ge back to them this morning. Do you have this printer working ok on Windows 7?

  Technocrate 09:14 13 Apr 2010

please update the driver for windows 7

For More Information and help related to windows 7 issues click here

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