Safely Remove Hardware

  Pine Man 19:26 27 Apr 2007

Vista 32-bit Home Premium.

If I insert my card reader into a USB socket it 'auto runs' and I get a 'Safely Remove Hardware' button in the task bar.

If I insert a memory stick into a USB socket it also 'auto runs' but no 'Safely Remove Hardware' button appears in the task bar.

As a result I have to remove my memory stick 'dangerously' everytime resulting in loads of temporary files being saved to the stick and persistant pop-ups warning me about the files on it.

I have put the card reader and the memory stick in at the same time but only the card reader is listed as the device that can be 'safely removed' no sign of the memory stick.

Is this a Vista issue or should I find some way of restoring the button?

  BurrWalnut 19:32 27 Apr 2007

Is it not just a case of you removing the 'stick' too quickly after accessing it?

I've had this in the past and now close any windows that are looking at the contents, then wait about 5 seconds before unplugging it.

  Pine Man 20:05 27 Apr 2007

Thanks for your response.

No, when I plug the memory stick in the 'Safely Remove Software' button does not appear in the task bar at all. It does, though when I use the card reader.

Strange isn't it?

  Pine Man 14:20 29 Apr 2007

I guess I'll have to learn to live with it!

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