Safe Mode in Windows Vista

  dbessis 03:21 04 Nov 2007

I run Windows Vista Ultimate and I have a problem starting in Safe Mode.

Everything works absolutely fine except Safe Mode!
When I choose Safe Mode, the drivers are loaded and the round logo appears normally. Then the computer starts to reboot. This occurs for ever.

I can nevertheless access Safe Mode using the following trick: I choose "Directory services restore mode" instead of Safe Mode and I find myself in Safe Mode.
Can one help to understand this situation?
Thank you,

  crosstrainer 09:32 04 Nov 2007

This...can't find anything in th KB docs regarding this as a specific error, what AV, anti spy malware are you using?

  dbessis 03:22 05 Nov 2007

I run McAfeeSecurity Center
PC Tools Spyware Doctor

Can this help?

  sinbads 08:12 05 Nov 2007

Try start Type run and select in the box type msconfig to bring up system configuration select boot tab select safe boot then apply then ok see if this works

  dbessis 20:26 06 Nov 2007

Using msconfig to select safe mode produces exactly teh same effect: teh laptop reboots for ever and refuses to go in Safe Mode.

  sinbads 21:12 06 Nov 2007

sounds like a registry prob you could download the trial version of winaso ;but you'll have to run it several times, as the trial only fixes 10 errors a time
click here

  dbessis 20:24 08 Nov 2007

I downloaded the trial version of WinASO.
It found 523 Registry errors. I had to buy the program in order to avoid to run it fifty three times!
Then something unpleasqnt occurred. The program told me that 243 errors could not be repaired because Windows has protected the keys.
I sent an e-mail to WinASO support asking how, after backing up the Registry, I could unlock the keys. I got an answer telling me "to add them to the ignore list".
This company is not serious, so please avoid to recommend it to anyone. Anyhow, after cleaning the "unlocked keys", I still cannot enter Safe Mode.

Is it true that Windows Vista locks some Registry keys? Is it true they cannot be unlocked?

Thank you for your help,


  skidzy 20:47 08 Nov 2007

Firstly Winaso is a very good program and extremely reliable...normally.

The registry keys that are locked,are locked for a reason.
Possibly for system stability of system files,yes they should be added to the ignore list and these will not be picked up again in the scan.

Have you tried sfc = system file checker ?

Start and type cmd
Right click the cmd command prompt and run as Adminastrator.
Then type exactly without the quotes

" sfc /scannow "

Note the space between c and /

Once in safemode and running ok,you should have a repair option if the os was preinstalled,or from the Vista disc.

  dbessis 21:20 09 Nov 2007

You said previously that a Registry key was most likely corrupted. So I should access teh Registry keys, no?

You remind me the following interesting story.

In a very dark night, a man is looking for someting under a lamp post.
A second man comes around and asks to the first:
"What are you looking for?"
I am looking for my keys that I have lost.
"Where did you loose them?" asks the second man to the first.
Somewhere out in the dark, answers the first.
"So why are you looking for them under this lamp post?" replies the second man.
Because it is the only place where there is light
says the first man.

  skidzy 21:40 09 Nov 2007

and your point is ???

And when did i say " a Registry key was most likely corrupted "

Maybe my advice should stop here then,if your above is aimed at me !!!

  dbessis 01:35 10 Nov 2007

I got confused. sinbads wrote "sounds like a registry problem". I have unfortunately mixed skidzy suggestion with sinbads remark.

Sorry for that.

Nevertheless, I would like somebody tells me if REALLY there are Registry keys locked in VISTA.
I use Win Manager that has never found any locked keys.

I run sfc to no avail.

Thank you for your help,


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