Running software written for XP on Vista

  Mike_R 12:22 19 Jan 2007

I'm buying my grandsons a laptop and have just stumbled across the Vista question. If I wait awhile and buy a laptop with Vista preloaded which seems a safer option than upgrading, will I then find that the games etc at present running under XP on their desktop cannot also be run on the laptop?

  Genius1 13:15 19 Jan 2007

There have been many posts on this subject before, but I'll try to clarify a few things here: Many modern games (developed within the last couple of years) will work fine with Vista, as will most software. Security software built for XP will NOT work with Vista - installation should not even be attempted. Most modern software will again work with Vista, and if it won't first time around the software manufacturer will likely release an update to make it work (Adobe is offering this for many of their products).

One easy way is to run the official Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (click here) on an existing XP PC with many of the programs you'd install on the laptop.

  Mike_R 17:06 19 Jan 2007

Thanks for the advice. I will run the Vista Advisor on my grandsons desktop and most likely delay buying the laptop until Vista arrives.

  WSR 17:44 19 Jan 2007

My PC won't even run Vista Upgrade Advisor, let alone Vista; the advisor needs at least 512MB of RAM and 15GB free disk space! - see the FAQ

  Kate B 17:49 19 Jan 2007

WSR, I guess you won't be upgrading that PC any time soon ...

  jacksony 12:56 21 Jan 2007

So, will AVG antivirus 7.5 free version run on Vista?

  Jimmy14 14:23 21 Jan 2007

Yes it does run on Vista. See the Vista compatibility progras list for more information,
click here

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