Running Old Stuff On Vista

  leveblue 12:50 10 Aug 2007

I will shortly be getting a new PC with Vista Premium installed after being on Windows 98SE for the last 9 years. I am uncertain about what I will be able to run on it, for example.

1. Will I be able to install my nine year old scanner which still works perfectly well and which I still have the installation disc, the same applies to my four year old Lexmark Z55 printer. Or will I have to purchase new.

2. Will my old software and games run on Vista. E.G. Word 2000 and Microsoft Train Simulator (98SE version), plus other old Windows 98 & 95 stuff.

I heard that a lot of the old software and peripherals can be a problem with Vista and that it is not very backward compatible. If this is the case and I have topurchase all new stuff, it all adds additional expense to upgrading.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

  ventanas 13:27 10 Aug 2007

Firstly your scanner. No idea, because you don't say what it is. But as it's nine years old I doubt it.

Same for the printer click here Vista not mentioned.

As far as programs are concerned you can try the vendors web site for each to see if there is any info. I had just two that wouldn't work, neither of which were vital, but they were not anywhere near as old as yours. All you can do is try and see, but this may not be without risk.

  ventanas 13:28 10 Aug 2007

Sorry forgot to say Word 2000 should be ok.

  prima12 13:29 10 Aug 2007

I was also running W98se and migrated to Vista, I have an old Canon BJC3000 printer which didn't need any new drivers apart from the one installed in Vista, I also have a Epson 1660 Perfection scanner which is also quite old and I got the updated software from Epson and they both work OK, albeit in a slightly different manner. Software for games etc.I believe may be a different matter as I have found out with some of my own programs. P.

  tullie 14:07 10 Aug 2007

I have found that some software works,some wont,its trial and error

  leveblue 15:31 10 Aug 2007

The Scanner is a USB flatbed scanner (Model FU318D) and is only a cheap one. Maybe its time to go for something newer anyway. I quite like the idea of a combined scanner/printer. At least that would save space.

  Pine Man 16:39 10 Aug 2007

Just googled your scanner and found someone having problems finding drivers that would work with XP!!!!

I have MS Train Sim and was told it wouldn't work on Vista but it does. I do have a bit of a problem with some of the scenery 'blocking' but it's certainly usable.

The bottom line is just try everything and see what happens - you won't break anything;-)

  pitcairn 09:52 16 Aug 2007

Have just changed computer with vista. Having trouble with xerox2400 scanner. Can anyone help?

  larry48 17:25 17 Aug 2007

I've got a Xerox 2400 running on Vista.Make sure you've got the latest (XP) driver and then try running it in compatabilty mode as XP SP2. You might do better to uninstall it first tho'. To access the compatibility mode right click the exe file(it's called 2400e) select Properties and then Compatibility and select XP SP2 from the drop down menu. This worked on both my 2 Vista PC's, but it does seem to be a bit "Hit & Miss".

  Mike10C 10:47 18 Aug 2007

leveblue, you have asked some good questions.

I have been one of the lucky ones, Vista installed as a clean install back in April, and most things have worked for me all along. But as you say the old printer gave me problems and so did train simulator.

I decided to buy a new epson dx5000 all in one printer, which although only supplied with an xp install disc, was no problem web I went to the epson web site.

train simulator was a problem from the start so I have used an xp computer to run it. But based on your question and Pine man's comments I have tried it again today. We have had quite a lot of upgrades since the first install. These have been for performance issues memmory, security, and better drivers for video cards especially those for nvidia sli which I have. Interestingly train simulator installed this morning and is running which it did not before. Its not perfect, but at least it runs. This may show that Vista today is better than it was at first and not so fussy as it seemed with older software.

I suggest you do as others have suggested, try out the software which is key for you, they may work as they are doning for me.

Good luck

  jakimo 01:18 20 Aug 2007

Plug in and switch on all your peripherals and run link

click here

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