'Right Click' slow to respond in IE7 (Vista)

  phoenix198 07:37 21 Feb 2007

When right clicking on a webpage (link or background) within an IE7 window the context menu can take 3 or 4 seconds (sometimes more) to appear.

This (usually) only happens the first time I right click on a particular web page.

Anybody experienced a similar issue, or have a solution?

  Kate B 11:34 21 Feb 2007

Er, Firefox? Sorry, I'm not keen on IE7 and Firefox is performing very nicely under Vista for me.

  phoenix198 18:21 21 Feb 2007

Firefox is a workaround, not a solution ;-) Besides, its for Grauniad readers (and writers!) and other pinkos, not real men :-)

Oddly, this issue doesn't happen on a second Vista system I have which, in theory at least, is far less powerful:

Problematic (sp?) system - Athlon X2 4800, 2Gb RAM, 512MB 7900GTX, overall Windows experience Index 5.0 - clean install of Home Premium

Other system - Core2Duo 6300, 1Gb RAM, 256MB 7300, overall Windows experience Index 2.6 - preinstalled Home Premium

They both use the same mouse, keyboard and monitor through a KVM

Odd! (but then we are talking about an MS product, aren't we?)

  kinger 21:09 22 Feb 2007

Try turning off the visual effects ... they slow down menus etc. and just 'look nice'.

  Tel 23:13 22 Feb 2007

I am using Vista straight out of the box and right click menu is instantaneous.
Athlon 64 3000
2GB PC3200
256MB ATI 9600 with driver update applied by Vista.
I have been using Firefox and Thunderbird under XP but haven't tried them with Vista. I am still feeling my way.

  phoenix198 23:47 22 Feb 2007

Tel: Tried Firefox 2.01 (shh, don't tell Katie B) and it has an almost instantaneous right click menu on my 'problem' PC

kinger: Maybe, but I didn't buy Vista and install it on a PC with a Windows Experience Index of 5.0 (graphics 5.9) to turn off visual effects.

  scott26985 00:52 23 Feb 2007

I am having the same problem as phoenix198. My right click on IE7 was fine yesterday when I set up my new pc which came with vista but now its taking 3-8 seconds to work, its VERY annoying. I've just put firefox on in the mean time but I prefer ie7. So far all ive worked out is you cant uninstall ie7 and reinstall it on vista as it comes build in.

  Kate B 00:52 23 Feb 2007

It's Kate, not Katie - sorry to sound snotty but I hate it when people get my name wrong.

Hope you get this sorted out, it's obviously irritating you.

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