Restoring Laptop back to factory settings

  geek84 20:29 17 Aug 2010

Hi Folks

I think my laptop (Acer 7720G) has got a virus because it freezes everytime I click the internet explorer icon to enable me to connect to the web. I have been advised by some of my friends to restore my laptop back to the factory settings, and in this way I could get rid of the virus.

I shall be grateful if some one can kindly answer the following questions -

1. Would restoring the laptop back to factory settings get rid of the virus and enable me to connect to the internet as normal?

2. If so, how do I restore the company settings?

2. I have also been advised that there is no disc/cd available by which I can restore the laptop to the factory settings and that windows vista has an in built feature for doing this? Is that true? If so, how do I go about using it?

3. Finally, once I get my laptop up and running, I am thinking of putting on Norton 360 anti virus. In your opinion, is this good anti virus software?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  Strawballs 22:54 17 Aug 2010

1 yes it will get rid of virus but also anything else that you have saved on it.

2 while booting up press F8 and it should be the last one on the list

3 Yes Norton 360v4 is very good go to the Beta testing forum and read up on the remarks of everybody that tested it.

  sharpamat 14:59 18 Aug 2010

If you did not make a set of recovary discs to restore when you got your computer, Then look on your help and support and you should get the option to make a set. Keep them safe as you normally only get the option to make one set.

Rember restoreing to factory settings means just that. No programs you have installed,nothing you have saved,even updates. Your lappy will be as you recieved it.

To use boot up with disc 1 ( that you made ) in the drive. follow the instructions to boot from CD/DVD

  Strawballs 19:36 18 Aug 2010

Once you have restored factory settings you will have the option to makes disc's again I did with my Acer Aspire 5535

  mooly 07:31 19 Aug 2010

As to the security question.
Acers often have Norton preinstalled as a trial.
Personally I would ditch that and install MSE as it is both effective, and very light on resources.
That it's free is a bonus.

click here

It is VITAL that before you install MSE (or anything else) that you run the correct removal tool to FULLY remove all traces of the preinstalled trial.

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  Strawballs 09:24 19 Aug 2010

The pre-install version of norton will be one of the older ones that were rubbish and nowhere nearly as good as 360v4 360v3 was not as good

  kristain 07:35 20 Aug 2010

yes Norton 360 anti virus is good antivirus software but keep in mind to update all files.

here are the steps to restore your laptop:

1.Back up any files you want and need. You computer will be formatted during this process.

2. Insert the Restore disk and reboot. If you have multiple disks, this will be the operating system disk. Go to "Start," "Turn Off Computer" and "Restart" to reboot.

3. Boot from the disk and agree to the license agreement. Press any key when prompted to boot from the disk. If you aren't prompted, restart your computer again and press F12 before the Windows logo appears. This will take you to a Boot Options list. Choose "CD-ROM" and press "Enter" to boot from the disk.

4. Press "Enter" to install the operating system on the current partition. Choose "Format the partition using the NTFS file system" and wait for the system to format.

5. Follow the operating system's Installation Wizard prompts to choose the time and date, computer name and network settings. You will also be prompted to register your computer. This isn't required.

6. If you have multiple disks, insert the Applications or Drivers disk. With some systems, these are on the same disk.
Choose which applications and drivers to install, or install everything. Wait for the chosen applications and drivers to install. If prompted to restart, don't restart until all installations are complete.

7.Restart your computer. You can place files back on your computer at this point.

if still face the problem click here for help

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