renaming folders in vista premium

  martd77 13:14 01 Feb 2009

Some folders id like to rename come up with the message "you need to confirm this operation"click continue and the result is "you need permission to perform this action"
I go into the properties of the file and make sure the folder permissions are all allowed but it still doesnt let me rename it
It happens now and again and the only way so far i can find to sesolve it is turn off the UAC

anyone have any other ideas?
im the only person that uses the pc

  brundle 13:25 01 Feb 2009

UAC is a pain but is really best left switched on, especially if you browse with Internet Explorer. Use Norton UAC and tick "Remember" when the requester appears. click here

  martd77 14:18 01 Feb 2009

have looked at that possibility but would prefer not to install software if there is an easier solution available
thanks anyway brundle

  skidzy 20:55 01 Feb 2009

Brundles link and Nortonlabs UAC tool is an excellent piece of software and would totally recommend it.
Its light and uses hardly any resources.

Where are these folders stored that will not allow you to rename them ?

  martd77 09:39 02 Feb 2009

its a random thing,what i can do is move the folder to the desktop rename it then put it back where it was before but the previous folder still exists witgout the contents but that still wont delete,i am surprised no one else seems to have this problem,ive done a google search and there appears to be a microsoft patch for it but it doesnt work

  martd77 14:36 02 Feb 2009

downloaded the tool but still when wanting to rename or delete some files i get the permission denied message
turned off vista uac and did it that way

  EARLR 16:34 02 Feb 2009

Try it in safe mode
Good Luck

  gazzaho 23:42 03 Feb 2009

Try this for unlocking files and folders, if you get the message just right click the folder and use the unlocker menu item, this will allow you to move or delete the folder. I use it a lot with folders with video content as WMP really likes to get its claws into them, it might do what you want.

  gazzaho 14:13 04 Feb 2009

Sorry here's the link click here

  skidzy 16:51 04 Feb 2009

if your still having problems with renaming the folders or any files,try taking ownership of the folders/files in question.

This tool is excellent click here

Just run the Takeownership zip

  martd77 20:04 04 Feb 2009

gazzaho,tried it didnt work "access denied"

skidzy worked a treat! its like turning the uac on an off
Have been through all the permissions etc in the folder,no denials yet vista still doesnt allow me to rename or delete the files but "takeownership" does

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