Removal of unwanted home page.

  isititis 21:04 21 Oct 2012

Evening all, A search engine opens up every time I boot up. I use google as my home page and I don't use emoticons, as an answer on PCA to someone else with the same problem seems to suggest. I have done a virus scan and scanned with SAS, MAM and Spybot S&D but it doesn't show in any of the scans. Help is needed here, so does anyone know how to deal with this.

Thank you in advance

  Nontek 21:06 21 Oct 2012

If this is fairly recent, try a System Restore back to before this started.

  isititis 21:26 21 Oct 2012

Hi Nontek, Thanks for your suggestion which I have tried. Unfortunately, for some reason, System Restore will not restore to when it first began, which was about 5/6 days ago.

  lotvic 21:47 21 Oct 2012

Follow the instructions (has screenshots) on ClickHere with the exception of downloading and buying their anti program (not necessary you've already got Mbam Malwarbytes)

  lotvic 21:52 21 Oct 2012

Forgot this bit: look in Control Panel for a program called 'SweetIM', or 'Macromedia SweetIM' and remove it. Got that bit from

  isititis 11:38 22 Oct 2012

Hi lotvic, Thanks for your 'ClickHere' which I printed off. The instructions have worked for IE, so that when I click the IE icon at the bottom left hand corner Google opens up, which is what I want. The tools icon in Google looks like a cog. To the right of the IE icon is a circular muti-coloured icon, which I assume to be Chrome. What happens when I click that icon I find really confusing, the sweetIm search engine shows on top of Google. The only way I can get rid of it is to go the little greyed 'x' that turns red when the pointer is put on it and left click. This allows Google Chrome to show. In Chrome Settings > Search, if I click the area that say Google, a number of search engines appear, one of which is SweetIm Search. How do I get rid of it in Google Chrome? I am tempted to uninstall Chrome via the Control Panel and reinstall it, but am unsure that that would solve the issue. Please advise. Thank you.

  lotvic 13:43 22 Oct 2012

I found a youtube vid that takes you through all the steps to clear sweetim from pc and for 3 browsers, IE, Firefox and Chrome. ClickHere the vid has no sound and goes quite quick, I had to use the pause button a few times to get what was shown. You could take screenshot when it is paused or download the vid and then play it on pc and pause to take screenshots of setting/bits you want to refer to save as a pic and print them out.

  lotvic 13:51 22 Oct 2012

this is the homepage for that youtube vid it also has the vid and instuctions,

  isititis 14:17 22 Oct 2012

Thanks lotvic. I have to go out right now, but will try at first op.

  lotvic 15:46 22 Oct 2012

None of that is guaranteed to work, according to what I've found it's a beggar to get rid of :(

Keep you eye on this thread which has just been posted and is same problem.

  isititis 15:46 26 Oct 2012

lotvic. Apologies for delay in responding. I had problems removing SweetIm from Chrome. I am running Win 7, so here's what I done. Backed up first. Removed anything that referred to SweetIm in Control Panel and restarted. When Chrome was started SweetIm was still there, on top of Chrome. Went back to Control Panel and uninstalled Chrome. Restarted and installed Chrome. I then went to Settings/On Startup/Open a specific page or set of pages/Click Set Pages and typed in This seems to have worked. However, as the Registry is something I don't mess with, it is reasonable to assume that SweetIm is still lodged in there. I typed into Search Programs and Files SweetIm and nothing shows. Views please.

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