Reinstalling programmes from backup after W7 insta

  redeyenewby 10:23 27 Dec 2009

I have just installed W7 on my laptop having first backed up my software to DVD. I used a "custom" install which presumably has overwritten Vista on my laptop. The laptop is very new and only has 2007 Office and Norton plus 3 internet downloads. These are now on my DVD with the rest. To restore the programmes do I just open up the DVD in Win explorer and install bearing in mind that they seem to have a lot of stuff in each folder presumably appertaining to each specific programme. Further will Norton reinstall from the backup or, if I install from the Norton disc will it install (knowing it is not an extra computer). Hope I'm clear. Chinese proverb asking a question makes one a fool for 5 minutes - not asking makes you a fool forever. Thanks you guys. You will always come up trumps.

  MIke 11:04 27 Dec 2009

If you mean you just copied the already installed program files from your vista setup to dvd then , no you won't be be able to just just copy those files back to you Win 7 system and expect it tow work. What you need is the installation file and run that to re-install the prpgram. You'll also need the licence details. As PC makers rarely supply set up discs these days only a utility on the hard drive to restore your system to factory settings I don't think you'll be able to do what you want I'm afraid.

Open Office is a good alternative to MS Office and is free click here

There are other free anti-virus programs out there too such as Avast or MS Security essentials that would replace Norton.

  redeyenewby 21:57 27 Dec 2009

Thank you Mike, The backup disk internet download programmes loaded successfully. I loaded Office 2007 and Norton from the supplied DVD and they are alright. I am going to try Virtual PC next to see if Virtual XP is available. Most of my stuff will run on Vista but I need to get XP so I can still use them. Thanks again for your help.

  MIke 09:17 28 Dec 2009

Glad you had a backup DVD with the installation files on!

  redeyenewby 12:29 04 Jan 2010

Mike, I have found that my laptop will not support "visualization" so I cannot download "Virtual XP". I shall have to look into PC Advisor Helproom to see what is needed. Thank you for your help. Warning! It would appear that, although Microsoft say you can download Virtual XP from the internet when you have Vista installed yhe industry doesn't appear to give a warning on which laptops/PCs are capable of doing it. So, if you are thinking of getting a computer with Vista loaded expecting to be able to download Virtual XP from the internet ask the question first. Cheers. P>S> To administrator. I hope I have not breached any protocol with this suggestion/warning. Please advise.

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