Registry related

  kapil6271 13:27 16 Apr 2013

How to check issue is related with system registry or issue resolved by changing the registry setting?

  Chronos the 2nd 14:46 16 Apr 2013

A few more details would be useful. As in what exactly are you wanting to do?

  kapil6271 07:15 17 Apr 2013

For example i am getting an error during opening paticular pdf file, but that pdf file was working with another PC, So how can we check that this problem is related with Acrobat reader or windows registry?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:03 17 Apr 2013

It would help if you could actually provide basic information to make helping you a little easier.

What is the error message?

What operating system do you get the error message?

What operating system has the PC where you did not get an error message.

Is this a recent problem?

  lotvic 12:54 17 Apr 2013

See other thread

Not sure what's going with this pc. As per Chronos says - need more details

  alanrwood 19:30 17 Apr 2013

Easiest way to resolve is to install Foxit Reader and see if it opens in that.

  lotvic 21:50 17 Apr 2013

jaywoo on other thread has suggested that these sound like study/exam questions

I'm inclined to agree with jaywoo.

  christina.john 07:37 19 Apr 2013

type "regedit" in run, go to Hkeys-Local-.... and look for the particular settings. If you have encountered an issue with registry, i would suggest u to use a registry cleaner such as ccleaner or registry recycler. it will help u get rid of registtry error.

  lotvic 14:20 19 Apr 2013

christina.john is a SPAMMER trying to get Registry Recycler advertised. It is considered a useless program

There are absolutely no details on their website of which company or where it is based (no address or phone number etc) That leads me to think you do not know what you are downloading, could be anything from malware, spyware, virus etc etc.

A WhoIs Registrant check shows the contact as '' which is uncontactable. (google it) I found ' is a smokescreen for swindlers' on

  newbestgadget 19:17 25 Apr 2013

Follow the given instructions: Step 1. Launch Spybot S&D on your Windows 7, and now it is default mode. Spybot also has another advanced mode for user. Click "Mode -> Advanced mode" to turn it to advanced mode Step 2. After that you select "Tools" button at the left column and then press "System Internals" option, now you click "check" in order to search for whether there is any registry problems on Windows 7, and then repair them in time. That is all about how to repair Win7 registry problem with Spybot Search & Destroy, it is very simple for you. As a helpful Internet security facility, Spybot Search and Destroy will help you remove any threats from web such as: spyware, malware on your computer.

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