Registry Cleaner for Vista

  Anti_Virus 10:41 08 Jun 2007

Hi, can anyone recomend which is the best regisrty cleaner for Vista? I do currently have have CCleaner, but for some reson, when I do a registry clean in that, the same Invalid Registry Keys keep on coming up. On my old XP machine I had Norton SystemWorks 2005, and the WinDoctor in that always seemed to do a good job at cleaning the regisrty while also keeping the option to undo what you've deleted, which is always handy. So, seeing as CCleaner doesn't ssem to be doing the job, and WinDoctor isn't compatible, which is the best Regisrty Cleaner to use for Vista. I don't want to download one until I know it to be trusted, as I've heard lots of bad stories about dodgy registry cleaners.

  anskyber 11:18 08 Jun 2007

Well sort of an answer for you. When using XP I tried a few before settling for Reg Mechanic. RM has received a number of good reviews and is often recommended on this site by others.

Currently RM has "basic support" for Vista and PC Tools have emailed me to say their "designed for Vista" RM is out "soon".

I wait with baited breath.

  rawprawn 15:54 08 Jun 2007

I use this and find it excellent, you can try it for free but it will only clean 10 errors at a time until you purchase.
click here

  Anti_Virus 21:22 08 Jun 2007

Hi, thanks to both of you you, but sorry anskyber, I decided to go with rawprawn's recomendation of WinASO, purely on the fact it was fully Vista compatible. Anyway, thanks rawprawn, I decided to buy it after the trial version, as on the first run it found over 500 errors in my registry. 2 qustions though. About 200 of these couldn't be fixed due to them "being prtected by Windows", do you have any idea what that means. Secondly, the "Speed up your system", what changes does it actually make? All it says is, for example, speed up start up, but it doesn't say how it does it, any ideas?

  Anti_Virus 21:25 08 Jun 2007

By the way, after running it and it repairing the problems, CCleaner no longer found the issues it kept on finding but wasn't able to resolve, so as far as the original reason I made this thread, it's solved. Just waiting on whether rawprawn (or anyone else) knows the answers to my 2 ^above^ questions, then I'll click this thread as resolved.

  anskyber 21:25 08 Jun 2007

That's good and good luck!

  rawprawn 09:41 09 Jun 2007

The protected programs are part of Vista.Select the option to Ignore them. As for speed up your system be careful what you repair some have an adverse effect on the way you have windows vista set up. If you have a problem and have repaired something you wish you hadn't use the restore function and then add them to ignore. It took me about a week to get things just as I wanted. Now I just repair everyhing.(If you run MS Money 2007 watch out for that)

  Anti_Virus 12:40 09 Jun 2007

Ok, thanks rawprawn. I don't have MS Money at the momement, so nothing to worry about there. Well, I'll mabye use a few of the speed up your system options, but I'll be careful like you said. Cheers.

  Jake_027 21:25 09 Jun 2007

Try running your registry cleaner with UAC turned off-I found some problems CCleaner couldn't fix yesterday but then when I ran it with UAC off they all went.


  Larry Lamb 21:31 15 Jun 2007

I have been looking for a good sound registry cleaner after coming to grieve using one form McAfee which trashed my registry that was in Windows XP I have since upgraded to Vista. I have, after reading your threads downloaded WinASO and it looks just the job. How did you pay for it? Did you have any problems? I have never purchased anything from the USA. How much did it cost in £££.

  rawprawn 19:47 16 Jun 2007

No problems, just go to the site and buy it.

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