recovery problem.

  Computer Nut 17:14 13 Dec 2009

I am getting desperate, having installed Win 7. I am having problems which I thought had been resolved but has not. I now find that having decided to return my system to the copy I took prior to installing Win7. I used Acronis True Image 10 to take a clone copy of my entire drive onto an external drive, my problem now is that when I try to recover it I cannot. I find the drive it is on and it seems to be there but to go any further the option is greyed out.It could be me as I have not done this before. Any help would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 20:15 13 Dec 2009

Normally with Acronis True Image you would create an *IMAGE* (a .TIB file) of your C drive in the external drive. You can then boot with the Acronis CD (or Recovery Media you created) and restore that image to your PC's hard drive.

If you've actually "cloned" your PC's hard drive, can you boot with Acronis Recovery Media and then "clone" the external hard drive back to the PC's hard drive?

Let's hope that works but, in future, you should create a backup image of your hard drive instead of cloning it. A hard drive is normally cloned either because you suspect it is in imminent danger of failing or because you want to replace it with a larger drive. Also, by creating an image file in the external drive, the drive can still be used for storing other files.

  Computer Nut 14:02 14 Dec 2009

thanks for your response mgmcc, I have'nt tried your suggestion yet, as i have a question,if I clone the external drive onto my C drive will it override whats on there or will I still have Wins 7 still there, if it is how do i get rid of it. Hope this is not a silly question. this is so annoying as I have upgraded to all the previous O/S's (on different machines) over the years and never had a problem. Also the win 7 Advisor did not give me any reason not to upgrade. many Thanks JCB

  mgmcc 20:45 14 Dec 2009

If you "clone" your external drive back to the PC's internal drive, the internal drive will be an *exact* copy of the external one - that's what a "clone" is.

After cloning back successfully, there will be no trace of the Windows 7 installation.

  Computer Nut 18:40 15 Dec 2009

I tried your suggestion but sadly it hasn't worked, I now do not have a working computer and unfortunately my disc to take the computer to factory condition will not work either. thanks for trying to help though, I need to get someone who can hopefully get my computer up and running again. all this aggro because i wanted Window 7 which I certainly liked but for the fact that there seemed to be a conflict between my printer and Graffic card,which both had Win 7 drivers. My system is only 9mths old so was up to standard to beable to upgrade to Windows 7. which is annoying, luckily i have a spare computer to beable to let you know. regards JCB

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