Recovery did not complete, will not boot to BIOS menu

  johninafix 20:37 07 Apr 2015

Hi Can anybody help with my problem, its with a Toshiba Satellite C850D-107 laptop. (windows 7) i started recovery to clean hard drive as computer was slow (which stated 27 hours), 1 hour into recovery the power went off and battery too low, computer shut down. When I tried to reboot, it kept shutting down without me getting the menu's up on the screen. Now when i turn it on, no beeps at all, the power light is on and the fan is running also the hard drive light is solid with no flashing. Black screen with nothing on it. The dvd drive works, but when i fit the startup disc, it just spins and will not read it. Information from the internet states BIOS needing reset, so i shorted the jumpers near the CMOS battery several times, but no luck. Someone else states , if you change the Ram Memory, it will sort out the problem 90% of the time. Would this be the answer ? Would the shutdown during recovery damage the ram memory ? I hope someone can help me with my problem, its like banging your head against a brick wall. Many thanks John

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 07 Apr 2015

Restart recovery by pressing F12 at the Toshiba screen as it powers up

select HDD recovery from the menu.

  johninafix 20:40 08 Apr 2015

No keyboard keys work at all to get anything on screen

  robin_x 21:28 08 Apr 2015

Several things:

Does an external keyboard work? PS2 preferred if it has a port.

Resetting CMOS might have pushed CD/DVD boot priority after HDD.


You can also try booting from USB Flash drive.

On a working computer make an isp of your DVD then burn it to flash.

Use Imgburn and Rufus to do this


You could also try booting directly into Recovery by marking the Partition as Active.

Use Partition Wizard bootable CD iso to make a bootable USB Flash again

Right click Recovery partition and Set Active.

If it doesn't work, make original partition Active again.

  robin_x 21:29 08 Apr 2015

Remove HDD temporarily if boot priority is a problem you cannot fix.

  robin_x 21:30 08 Apr 2015

Or mebbe, not. Drive won't be recognised when replaced

  johninafix 16:46 09 Apr 2015

I do not have another keyboard.

I have downloaded the programme on a 2nd computer (Rufus 2.1.649), as you said it might help, but to be honest I am confused with how this programme is used, as when it is downloaded, it just scans the 2nd computer then want me to but the programme.

Can you give me step by step guidance on using this programme, to get it onto a flash drive for use in the laptop with the problem.

  robin_x 17:51 09 Apr 2015

Put DVD in drive. Run Imgburn and select Create Image File from Disc.

It will create an iso file which is an exact copy of the DVD.


Plug USB Flash into computer. Make a note of which drive letter it is given in Explorer.

Run Rufus.

Device is your USB drive. Select it.

Click the Browse button to the right of Create a bootable disc using ISO Image (select dropdown).

Browse to the iso file you just made with Imgburn.


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