Is Ready Boost really any good?

  CurlyWhirly 23:00 18 Jan 2009

I'm new to Vista and loving it despite the slating that it's received since it's launch!

I used to have an old PC running XP on it and with a standard EIDE hard drive.

I now have a SATA II drive but it doesn't seem any quicker than my old EIDE hard drive (in my old XP PC) despite in theory having a theoretical top speed of 300 MB/s compared to 133 MB/s for EIDE.

One of Vista's features is Ready Boost click here and I was thinking of buying a flash memory stick to try it out.

Has anyone had any experience of Ready Boost either good or bad?


  LinH 09:07 19 Jan 2009

It depends on the spec of your machine and what you use it for. If your machine has 1gig or less of ram and you use high demand applications you might notice a difference, otherwise it's not much use. Remember, ReadyBoost is a form of cache, not extra memory.


  CurlyWhirly 10:30 19 Jan 2009


I went ahead and ordered an 8 GB memory stick as my current one is only a GB in size and nearly full.

I'll try out the Ready Boost feature and if it doesn't boost performance then I can always use it for storage.

I have 4 GB of RAM but, because the chipset can only address 4 GB, I only have 2.5 GB of system RAM although if the O/S gets short, it can access 1 GB of shared memory with the graphics card making 3.5 GB in total.

The other 512 MB is used by PCI configuration requirements and other overheads.

See my other thread click here

  mooly 11:33 19 Jan 2009

I see this is resolved but see the links within this link
click here

I really wanted it to work, be interested to see how you get on. In the end I increased the RAM, it was as cheap as a high speed card and massively improved things all round.

  CurlyWhirly 18:46 19 Jan 2009

Yes I'll let you know how I get on ;)

The memory stick is due to be delivered tomorrow.

I can't increase the memory on my PC (as explained above) and in any case it's the slow speed of my hard drive that I'm disapointed with.

I just thought that SATA II hard drives would be appreciably faster.

  mooly 19:28 19 Jan 2009

I'd be very interested.

  AL47 20:15 19 Jan 2009

i dont think it will help tbh,

  sunnystaines 20:23 19 Jan 2009

visa flies with 2g of RAM any more is marginal. ready boost only for those well short of ram with just the minimum installed.

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  mrwoowoo 22:33 19 Jan 2009

In control panel>power options make sure you have high performance ticked in your power plan options.(made a big differance to me)
Also there is another way to speed things up but it carries a risk of lost data if you have a power failure.
click here

  CurlyWhirly 20:37 21 Jan 2009

I've used a (compatible) 4 GB flash memory stick but my PC doesn't seem any faster so I've decided to use it for normal data storage.

Perhaps if I had less RAM then it would be more beneficial.

  CurlyWhirly 20:47 21 Jan 2009

I already have the disk cache ticked but don't want to go for the 'advanced performance' option even though I have a UPS as they can fail as well resulting in a knackered hard drive!

Thanks anyway.

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