Ready Boost --- again. Little discovery.

  mooly 19:17 22 Nov 2008

Tried Ready Boost a couple of times in the past.
It was a disaster, if I can find the old thread will put a link in.
Anyway, I have kept wondering, as you do, and recently turned off in services "search indexer" to cut down on disc thrashing. That may, or may not have any relevance. It just speeded things up with no real trade off in practice.
Thought about trying Ready Boost again, this time with a Lexar 256mB ( small I know ) SD card.
And you know what -- it seems to give a noticeable boost. Very much quicker to open IE7 and get on line. Applications definitely feel a little snappier.
I am beginning to wonder if the card or flash drive is very critical. Maybe the small card has quicker access times than a 2 GB one. I don't really know, but so far so good. The card was a standard cheap one originally used with a camera. Formatted it to it's default settings which I think was FAT32.
I am tempted to try a 1 GB card suitably specced for Ready Boost.

  mooly 19:20 22 Nov 2008

Well this was the original thread, and just re reading it it sounds horrendous,
click here

but so far the Lexar card is working well !!

  BurrWalnut 10:20 23 Nov 2008

Check the speed of the device in the registry by going to the Windows Orb (Start), type regedit, press Enter and navigate to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\EMDMgmt and click on your device.

My 2005 Crucial Gizmo 1GB reads at 2939KBs and writes at 3790KBs, what are your speeds?

  mooly 12:11 23 Nov 2008

The top entry, there are around 12 altogether, shows 4670 read and 2875 write.
All the entries show different speeds ? to as high as 5 kbs write.

  mooly 12:47 23 Nov 2008

Tried again with all flash memory removed. Same result ?
Maybe you have to delete the entries. Dunno !!

  mooly 13:08 23 Nov 2008

Seems OK initially. I suspect the search indexer has been crippling things you know.
Anyway have set up some counters in reliability and performance monitor so can see reads and writes to and from the card.
Formatted to defaults as FAT.

  mooly 15:49 23 Nov 2008

No ready boost. Open "Chess Titans" and the first computer move has the sound of the first piece out of sync. It's a second or so late. Only ever that first move, but it's consistent. It never NOT does this if you see what I mean. Every time guaranteed, month after month !
With the Lexar 256MB card ( it's better than the Peak 1GB, I am convinced ) the chess piece is in sync ? Every time up to now. Explain that one.
The new test for Ready Boost. ha ha.

  mooly 12:40 25 Nov 2008

This is good,
click here

Check the link to actuall tested cards and drives.
My Lexar card shows 3920kb read and 2995 write.

  BurrWalnut 13:18 25 Nov 2008

I must say you sound very enthusiastic about ReadyBoost. It did very little for me so I stopped using it.

  mooly 13:46 25 Nov 2008

Really wanted to get some answers. I find it hard to believe it can be so bad and yet my previous attempts with it have been a disaster. There is so much conflicting advice, Format as NTFS, format as FAT32 everyone says different. This card works, no it doesn't and so on.
I haven't seen an SD card that says suitable for RB. Looked in Currys superstore yesterday out of interest. They asked me what I was looking for. Ready boost ??? What would that be then. Never heard of it. They asked someone else. Same !! What does it do ? No never come across that one before. One of Vistas main features !!! Really, we've never come across it before.
Have just run some Winsat tests on the Peak 1 GB card. 5.28Mbs read and 6.75Mbs write. But again there are so many opinions. That format of entering winsat is wrong !! no it isn't. Again no one knows. Least of all me !!!

  mooly 19:12 25 Nov 2008

Format the card or USB to default settings and remove. Reinsert and let the auto play dialogue box open and offer to speed up system with readyboost. Accept of course. Wait a couple of minutes then click the start orb and type "event viewer" into the search box. Run with administrator rights.
Click appications and services logs. Click Microsoft. Click Windows. Find Readyboost in the list and click it. Click operational. In the right hand column under "actions" click find. Type speed into the search box and click the "find next" box. It will show the speed results for ( each time you click find next ) each time a device was tested.
By formatting the device at the start you get a clean result at the top of the list so to speak.

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