Question on free space D partition.

  mooly 08:12 10 Oct 2008

Two questions really. Notebook PC, 120GB disc split into two equal partitions. I know restore points eat up some of that, and how to delete them using disc cleanup etc.
I have the C partition set to make restore points but NOT the D partition. The D is not "ticked" in system protection.
Why does the free space on the D drive fall daily and I have to use the "more options" in disc cleanup to get it back every few weeks. Why does this happen ? The D partition is used only for running backups with Acronis.

Now this was weird, today with 15 GB free space on D I installed latest Windows defender update. A few minutes later a low disc space D partition message flashed up in system tray. Looked in "computer" and it was showing 2 GB free.
Left it for a few minutes, looked again and was now at 14.8 GB. That's a one off, never had that happen before.
Any ideas on the first one though, why the space drops.

  Pineman100 19:13 11 Oct 2008

Is the machine a Dell?

A friend recently asked me to find out why she was regularly receiving reports that her D: drive was full, on her Dell laptop that is only a couple of months old.

When I investigated, I found that D: was a partition containing the Dell Windows restore data - but for some reason Dell, in their wisdom, had also set the Vista backup function to write daily backups to the same drive. So, naturally enough, the drive was full.

I switched off the backup function an deleted the backup files.

  mooly 07:27 12 Oct 2008

It's an ACER, a 9301 notebook. I put Vista on it from the "free" upgrade offer. No Acer stuff at all ! I estimate it drops by anywhere from 0.3 to 0.5 Gb per day. In fact I see on Friday when I posted it was at 14.8, now showing 14.2.
If I just click "explore" nothing shows on the D drive. Run the disc cleanup "other options" tab, and the free space jumps back up.
Just a puzzle rather than a problem.

  BurrWalnut 08:56 12 Oct 2008

WinDirStat shows where disk space is being used including a nice graphical display. Just let the mouse pointer hover over the coloured areas to identify different file types.

It won’t remove anything but it’s a good starting point in identifying the large ‘lumps’ of used space. Download it here click here

  mooly 08:03 13 Oct 2008

Hi BurrWalnut,
Thanks for the link, I had a good read. I haven't installed it as I am in the middle of trying something !!
When I open system protection only the C partition is ticked for restore points and yet the D partition still shows in the window as having a valid restore point. Always the same date and time as the C one. If I turn off system restore for the C drive it says "none" as you would expect as it deletes them all. The D drive still shows a valid restore point.
So I have put a tick next to the D to create a restore point ( erm !! ) and then turned it off. Doing this and it now shows "none" same as the C.
Also the free space on the D jumped up implying it is in fact restore points that are on there.
Will run it like this for a few days and see. Then I will put restore points back on the C drive again and again watch what happens.
I'll report back. Thanks for replying.

  mooly 08:43 14 Oct 2008

No change in the free space on the D partition -- interesting. Will leave it today and if still no change tomorrow will put the restore points back on C drive only.

  mooly 14:16 15 Oct 2008

Definitely seems to be restore points that were eating up the space but, this is weird, it didn't seem to matter if I put a tick against just the C or just the D partition and then created a restore point. It put the same info (date time etc ) next to each partition showing that restore points were available for each disc even though one of them was "without tick".
When you have a single drive split in two are restore points done for the whole disc not just the individual partitions. That is how it seems to behave. And thinking about it how can you have restore points for a disc ( partition ) with no operating system on it.
Sort of resolved then, at least I know what it is.

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