Programs won't open, new tabs won't load

  Misesian 15:56 13 Jan 2014

I've been having this problem recently on my laptop with Windows 7 where suddenly out of nowhere I can't open new programs including task manager. On Chrome it won't load new tabs, it will load new pages when I click on a hyperlink on a page I am currently on, I can load new tabs if I use the middle mouse button with the back button on the browser to launch a previous page on a new tab, I cannot however open a new tab and try to load a new page.

When I try and restart the computer it won't let me because before it logs off I have to press force shutdown because it's otherwise says waiting for logoff sound which never comes, as it logs off the screen turns black and gets stuck, there is still a backlight but the screen just stays black and it never shuts off. This problem has been annoying me because now I can't turn off my laptop without holding the power button which I hear is not good for your computer.

  northumbria61 12:21 14 Jan 2014

Shutdown issues are mostly due to hanging applications that won't close. To enable you to find out which one, open Task Manager - Processes tab - Look for any unusual activity just before the system hangs.

I would suggest "killing off" processes that are running prior to shutting down.

Try ending the first 4 or 5 processes (making a note of which ones) and then shutdown.
If it still hangs, you didn't find it - if it doesn't hang, then you've found it.
Continue to do this with groups of 4 or 5 until you find the process that's causing it.

Maybe have a look in your Power Options (Control Panel) to see what the power buttons are set at.

  northumbria61 12:25 14 Jan 2014

Regarding non opening of programs it could be corrupted shortcuts - see here enter link description here

Chrome - I can't advise as I don't use it.

  Misesian 08:48 17 Jan 2014

I said I couldn't open any new programs including task manager, so essentially I'm stuck when I try and shutdown. The chrome issue I think is related to the program issue because when you open a new tab in Chrome I think it starts a new process so the fact it cannot load new tabs I think means it won't launch.

  Misesian 16:02 22 Jan 2014


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