program not responding

  rawprawn 17:43 01 Aug 2007

I am recently getting a message "Program not responding, it may respond if you wait" I have not had this problem before, and it's annoying me. I have completely cleared all temp files etc, run WinAso but it still happens.
Any ideas?

  rawprawn 17:51 01 Aug 2007

Should have said Vista Home Premium

  Probabilitydrive 17:57 01 Aug 2007

What is the progam in question? A possible cause is that your computer could be running out of resources, despite your clearing out.

  rawprawn 18:23 01 Aug 2007

It can occur with most any program,MS Mail. Outlook, Firefox my compter has Intel core Duo Processor T5500, 1.66hz, 2gb RAM. I would have thought that was enough. Task manager processes show nothing hogging the system, in fact very little.

  Probabilitydrive 18:44 01 Aug 2007

Though it happens occasionally on my Vista system too, I'm normally unable to determine an exact cause other, than it has something to do with my system resources.

However, as many of your applications cause the message to appear, the cause maybe manifold according to click here

i used to get it a lot with windows media player has 'stopped reponding' and some games on closedown, however i dont think there have been any since i filled the ram up (4gb) maybe try reducing system restore etc. to be honest i have no idea what the message meant i was guessing at compatibilty problems.

oh, what does the problem log report?

  rawprawn 18:54 01 Aug 2007

All I can see that may be relevant is "Microsoft Malware Protection update Stub..... MPTelemetry.
I'm afraid that means nothing to me. (I haven't googled)

  rawprawn 18:58 01 Aug 2007

To be honest MS Mail which I don't use as default (I use Office 2007 Outlook)seems to be really sllooww although it hasn't shown not responding

what av/ malware programs are you running? out of interest

  Probabilitydrive 19:13 01 Aug 2007

MS Mail is a different issue as a discussion click here

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