Program Entries in Programs and Settings

  tullie 18:33 09 Aug 2009

I have entries in Programs and Settings that i cant delete,even though the program has been deleted,they dont show in Revo,any ideas anyone?

  tullie 18:35 09 Aug 2009

Sorry,that should mean Programs and Features in Control Panel

  mrwoowoo 22:49 09 Aug 2009

Something that worked for me was Ccleaner.
Double click Ccleaner then on tools.
then in uninstall click delete entry.That's if you have uninstalled the programme,which i take is what you mean and not deleted.

  tullie 23:09 09 Aug 2009

Thanks for the reply.I had tried that and they are not listed,thanks anyway.It is nero thats been uninstalled,but left entries behind.

  BRYNIT 09:03 10 Aug 2009

Try the Nero general cleaning tool click here

  sunnystaines 09:05 10 Aug 2009

got the same prob with ms works that came p reinstalled on xp deleted program, but still listed in add/remove if click to uninstall asks for cd?

ccleaner and revo get same problem, given up on it, surprised to see similar prob.

  Pine Man 10:58 10 Aug 2009

It sometimes helps to re-install the offending software and then uninstall it again.

  mrwoowoo 14:30 10 Aug 2009

Could try deleting from the registry.
click here

  tullie 20:33 10 Aug 2009

General cleaning tool dident work,will move onto registry next.

  Jim_F 14:14 11 Aug 2009

If its Nero 9 then pre-Dec 2008 versions did make a bit of a mess that clean tool didn't touch - I'm guessing that if the installer doesn't behave predictably then clean tool can't help.

I found that reinstalling or using system restore so I could use the Revo two stage uninstal did tidy things up a lot followed by the ccleaner scan for redundant registry entries.

Even better would be a system restore point pre-Nero as I know from bitter experience that there's an awful lot of Nero registry data !

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