Program defaults in Win 7

  rcoombs 21:40 21 Jan 2015

When I set my desired email client to be the default program in Win 7, all is well until the next day when I check the defaults again and find that the default has reverted to Outlook .. Is this a Win 7 issue or an Outlook issue and how can I make my selection permanent? Thanks for any help. rmhc.

  lotvic 23:34 21 Jan 2015

How are you setting your desired email client to be the default?

Are you looking and setting the defaults in: click on 'Start' globe > and click on 'Default programs and then choosing and setting from the window that opens up?

  LucidTwo 13:08 22 Jan 2015


Have you figured out at what point the settings are reset? Is it...

  1. Immediately after a Windows restart?
  2. After a certain period of time (during which there was no restart)?
  3. When you've put your computer to sleep/hibernate for a period or overnight?
  4. Something else you've spotted?



  rcoombs 21:34 22 Jan 2015

Hi Lotvic, I am using the settings in Default Programs in the usual manner. I do not know when the change back to another email client occurs, but it certainly is over a period of a few hours. I would not be too concerned except that Outlook 2013 has never worked properly and therefore I prefer to use my alternate client-- eMclient. My Outlook 2013 is part of Office365 and it refuses to retrieve my mail on a regular basis. It has ever been so since it was installed in September. My mail can be seen on Outlook,com but not on Office Outlook. I have tried to resolve the problem on MS help sites without success. I certainly appreciate any help you can give me, Cheers rmhc.

  rcoombs 21:37 22 Jan 2015

Hi LucidTwo, My reply to Lotwic should also have been addressed to you. I appreciate any help you may give. Thanks rmhc.

  lotvic 22:45 23 Jan 2015

I've got Outlook 2007 but use Thunderbird as my default email client.

I have found that after each Office update from MS the default changes back to Outlook 2007, (and I have to change it back to Thunderbird) Maybe that is what is happening with your Office 365 and Outlook 2013?

  rcoombs 21:51 25 Jan 2015

Hi Lotvic, That's interesting, did you find out how to prevent it happening? Why is Outlook commandeering your computer? And probab;y mine also..... rmhc

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