Processor never stops

  ened 15:33 21 Nov 2007

I have noticed that the processor is continually active since I have installed Vista.

Is this normal?

  anskyber 15:39 21 Nov 2007

Have you got a dual core processor and do you use your sidebar? If so use this click here it lets you keep an eye on things.

At idle with IE7, my email, the sidebar and skype running the processor is at about 2-5% but background activity will push it up.

PS there is also a gadget for single cores if that is what you have.

  Pine Man 16:00 21 Nov 2007

My dual core, at idle with IE7, is 0-3% and my RAM stays at about 30%

  ventanas 17:00 21 Nov 2007

Thanks from me as well. Could be very useful.

  ened 17:06 21 Nov 2007

The answer to your questions is Yes & Yes.

I have an Intel board which is supposed to have those facilities and more included with the software.

The trouble is I am having a problem installing the application.

If anybody reading this has any idea how to install the Intel Desktop I would appreciate some hints because all I keep getting is a logo on the Desktop which just takes you to the Intel page. I have downloaded something but it is just a zip file which seems to go nowhere.

  ened 13:30 28 Nov 2007

I have just installed the meter and am looking at it now:

I have IE7 open and Windows Mail - Nothing else

The clock and meter is all I have on the sidebar but Core 2 is averaging 65% and core one 30% with 30% of RAM.

Is this normal?

  ened 14:13 28 Nov 2007

I seem to have identified the problem.

There was an unidentified operation in the Startup Folder. I disabled it and the processors are now running between 0-2% idle.

The thing I don't understand is that I have looked into it and it is the SetPoint software for my mouse & keyboard. However they are working properly, so I am a bit confused as to what the purpose of it was in the first place.

  anskyber 14:36 28 Nov 2007

Glad it's sorted, computers are strange things, there was obviously something in that program which was a drain.

I like that sidebar gadget because it's an early warning of things happening which cannot be seen. Some things like webcams or whatever do check back for updates automatcally, which may haver been the issue with your keyboard.

  ened 15:14 28 Nov 2007


In the last version of Media Player there was a way to stop it reporting back to base as it were.

I can't even see a way of stopping this one from checking for updates.

Do you know if this is possible?

  anskyber 15:20 28 Nov 2007

If this is what you mean? click here

  ened 15:34 28 Nov 2007

Yo've given me so much help in the past fortnight if you were in Cornwall I would buy you a drink.

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