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  jaimie 13:17 07 Mar 2009

I have two identical Acer aspire desktop machines runing Vista HP. one of them is running very slowly and the performance monitor tells me the processor is in use 100% of the time even when it's idling. The machine always hangs at shutown with the "windows is shutting down" screen and has to have a hard boot to switch it of and on again. I have switched off many of the resource-hungry resources as advised in the magazine and still it runs slow. It starts out OK after a restart but slows down as soon as it's used. Anyone any ideas about how to fix this please



  sunnystaines 15:39 07 Mar 2009

have you tried defrag, disk clean up, chkdsk and an antispyware scan?

  jaimie 16:27 07 Mar 2009

Hi sunnystaines, yes defrag says it does not need it, used disk cleanup, spybot reveals no threats.So I'm still struggling with it, I have just turned on all of the services I turned off about ten days ago when the trouble seemed to start so I will see how that goes




  brundle 17:01 07 Mar 2009

Services have little impact on CPU use in general.
Open Task Manager..which process is using the highest percentage of CPU time?

  sunnystaines 17:04 07 Mar 2009

try here

click here

very reliable info

  brundle 17:24 07 Mar 2009

Disabling services before you identify the source of the problem is not a great idea. Services will show up as svchost.exe under Task Manager, with no clue as to which service has been started by that particular instance of svchost. If it does turn out to be a service, it's best to track down which one, and why it's misbehaving.

  jaimie 17:50 07 Mar 2009

Thanks to brundle and sunnystaines,I,m taking your advice and slowly working through the possibilities, will report back



  Kevscar1 20:28 07 Mar 2009

Download this and run it.

click here

  peter99co 22:35 07 Mar 2009

Have you got Nero Installed and is it up to date?

My Vista Machine had similar Symptoms.

  jaimie 08:46 08 Mar 2009

Hi peter99co, no we don't have nero on either machine but interestingly i have un-done all the changes I made to this machine a couple of weeks ago and it is much improved. This means that of the two identical machines one has all the changes I made to services and indexing etc with no detriment to performance (and no discerable improvement either) and the other one suffered a dreadful drop in performance when I made the same changes and now it's back to normal when I have un-done the changes. Just goes to show, no two comps are the same.



  peter99co 16:48 08 Mar 2009

It does sound like an indexing operation was in process.

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