Problems with Vista Home Premium Install

  BabyOp 21:54 15 Feb 2007


A friend of mine purchase Vista Home Premium OEM with a piece of hardware. He backed up everything he needed and then booted from the DVD. He was then given the option to format the HD as another version of windows was detected. He formatted the HD and then entered his key and proceeded with the install. First time around it got to about 30% and failed with the following error:

Error Code : 0x800700A1

Windows cannot install required files. Make sure the files required for installation are available and restart the installation.

Restarted and tried the install again and this time it got to about 80% and then failed with the same error. Unfortunately this leaves him with a useless system. I offered to reload his machine while he waits for a resolution for the Vista install but he's going to leave it scratched until I go back with a resolution.

Anyone else experienced anything like this ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there:

This is not a common error message and it tends to come with another. Firstly the 0x800700A1 code
relates to "ERROR BAD PATHNAME". It pops up rarely and it comes with 0x800700C1 "ERROR BAD EXE FORMAT" in some cases. I traced the problem to a dodgy partition but only by chance as curing the "ERROR BAD EXE FORMAT" cured the 0x800700A1
error as well. Delete the existing partition if you have not done so already and give the disk a format using Symantecs Partition Magic or another such utility. Check for bad sectors as well on the disk.



  BabyOp 08:42 16 Feb 2007

Hi Black Sword

I have a copy of Partition Magic 8.5 so I'll drop in to see him and prep the disk and get him to give it another go. I'll let you know how I get on.


  pk46 01:23 18 Feb 2007

How did you format the drive??
In vista you have the option to delete the partition if your using a OEM version you have todo this.

  Forum Editor 11:30 18 Feb 2007

must only be installed on a brand new computer.

  Guybrush1 15:33 18 Feb 2007

Hi there FE

That sound like a rather alarmist staement regarding OEM Windows. Sounds as if you are insinuating that installing Windows Vista OEM would be the cause of the above problem. I'm no expert but I doubt that.

I myself have installed an OEM version of Windows Vista Home Premium OEM on my system and (touchwood) it works flawlessly.

For any of your readers are interested here is an article I found about the fact regarding OEM software and Microsofts opinion on it (off the record) :-

click here



  BabyOp 21:45 18 Feb 2007

Hi Black Sword thanks for the advice.

Couldn't use Partition Magic so used ERD and managed to Format and Wipe the disc. My friend tried the install again and this time it completed normally. Still never got to the bottom of why it failed first time as he used the format option offered when he was trying to install Vista but he now has a working system and despite a few niggles he's happier today than he was on Thursday.

  Forum Editor 23:23 18 Feb 2007

You've misunderstood me if you think I was inferring that OEM software was the cause of the problem - I didn't say anything of the kind.

What I said was "OEM software must only be installed on a brand new computer." and that is quite correct - it's a contravention of the OEM agreement to install it on anything else, and you act illegally if you do so. We're here to provide accurate advice if possible.

The article you link to refers to 'off the record' opinions purported to come from Microsoft, but I'm not concerned with those - I prefer to take heed of official Microsoft statements. Late last year I asked the Microsoft licensing manager for clarification on this point, and the response I got was that OEM software may only be installed on a new machine. That's always been the case and the company's position hasn't altered.

What has altered is the fact that Microsoft now accepts that there are many ordinary customers who build their own machines, or do so for friends. These people may now buy OEM software quite legally, provided they only install it on a new computer. To assist them in this, OEM copies of Windows are now available singly. Previously, resellers had to break multiple packs in order to sell to indivdual consumers, and this contravened their OEM agreement with Microsoft.

I hope that clarifies the situation for you.

Why does the oem version of vista give you an 'upgrade' option.

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