Problem with Windows explorer

  andy26 23:03 04 Mar 2008

Hi everyone, I hope one of you lovely people can help me with a problem I’m having with windows explorer on my vista laptop. The problem is hard to describe but whenever a window is open for example ‘documents’ the window blinks or flashes every couple of seconds. It’s really annoying as I can’t rename files this because every time it blinks it takes me out of renaming. Also if highlighting a number of files I have to select each individually using ctrl as highlighting is again cancelled every time it blinks. The start menu doesn’t blink but if I open it, it will close itself again after a few seconds and if I manage to get into the programs list and click on something it doesn’t open anything. This also means when shutting down I can’t do it via the start menu I have to shut it down using ctrl+alt+del. On the odd occasion it will all work fine but it hasn’t done that for a while now and it doesn’t affect any other windows, only those associated with windows explorer.

I doubt it’s spyware or a virus as I have scanned the whole system with avast anti virus and a couple of anti spyware programs (unless they missed something).

If any one has any ideas I’d appreciate the help.

  brundle 23:46 04 Mar 2008

Laptop or desktop? Checked for sticking keys?

  andy26 00:28 05 Mar 2008

It's a laptop. Thanks for the suggestion i've just checked but that doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem.

  Actor One 13:54 05 Mar 2008

This sounds like Windows Refresh problem, I had a similar problem a few years back (on XP not Vista tho`) which was caused by a rogue piece of software. The only way I could discover which one it was, was to use MSCONFIG and use selective startups each time adding an item to find out when the flashing started. It turned out to be a free Image Viewer I`d loaded from a magazine disc. I`m not suggesting that you have the same viewer, but this could be a cause.

It may also be a rootkit or a problem with the registry, use a known registry cleaner (CCleaner has one) or Registry Mechanic, as you may have some pieces of partially uninstalled software affecting Windows.

Did you also have a time when it didn`t flash?. Then System Restore should work, but if it has always flashed, then perhaps a clean install of Windows may be the answer.

  andy26 23:27 05 Mar 2008

Cheers mate i'd already tried ccleaner but it does appear to have been a problem with a piece of software. I've uninstalled any software i put on in the last month and after 3 reboots theres been no sign of any problems. Thanks a lot for your help.

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