Problem with sending e-mails via Windows Mail

  polypody 22:09 21 Jan 2015

I can receive e-mails using windows mail but any I send, although they appear to have been sent, are not being received. This is to any recipient, not just one or two e-mail addresses. As far as I know know the settings on my account have not been altered. Any suggestions please.

  lotvic 22:45 21 Jan 2015

As a test, send an email to yourself, then go to your Webmail via a browser and login to your webmail and see if the email is in your Inbox.

Then test collecting it in Windows Mail.

Post back with what happens.

  polypody 17:23 22 Jan 2015

I've sent a test message from Windows Live Mail to my BT Mail & the message appears in the Inbox (that I accessed via the browser)I can send (& they are received OK)e-mails when sending them via the 'contact us' facility on various websites. It seems although they messages appear as 'sent' in the sent box they do not 'get through' when composing the e-mail & sending it via Live Mail.

  lotvic 18:55 22 Jan 2015

You say: It seems although they messages appear as 'sent' in the sent box they do not 'get through' when composing the e-mail & sending it via Live Mail.

But on the test send you said: that the test email you sent from Windows Live Mail on your pc arrived in the BT Webmail Inbox. If so then emails are being sent okay from Windows Live Mail so what exactly is the problem?

  polypody 19:04 22 Jan 2015

Yes that appears to be the case but I have sent e-mails to a number of individuals & none of them have received them. I could understand if it was one e-mail address but not half a dozen.

  lotvic 19:19 22 Jan 2015

Your pc and Windows Live Mail appear to be sending them okay.

Do the emails that are not being received have anything in common? such as all are @hotmail or all are @ xxxxxx addresses? It may be that the problem is at their ISP's end and your 'from' address has been marked as spam (if you've had a problem with someone hijacking your email addy in the past and using it to send spam) ask them to check their Junk/Spam folders to see if your emails are in there.

  polypody 19:51 25 Jan 2015

I seem to have narrowed the problem down to Windows Live Mail. When using WLM the e-mails I send, none have anything in common, are not being received by the recipients. However, if I use BT Mail via the browser the same e-mails are received OK. The e-mails I receive show both in WLM & BT Mail Inboxes. It seems therefore that there is some setting not right with WLM, but the question is what? One could say'why not ditch WLM & use BT Mail'? I suppose I could but I find WLM faster & easier to use.

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