Problem installing hardware with USB ports

  Border View 12:30 21 Nov 2007

As mentioned elsewhere my sister is having tremendous problems getting her brand new HP printer to work with Vista.

Been doing some research for her and came across the following on the Windows Vista Community web site (Hardware problems)

I'm having problems installing any hardware which use USB ports to my pc. I
have tried installing my printer (cannon pixma ip4200) using the vista
drivers recommended by cannon. Every time I get to the point where I attach
the printer to the USB port, vista looks for the drivers (which are installed
correctly) but can't find them! I know the drivers are installed correctly
because I can see them where they are installed. However, the printer works
as a network printer which is attached to my other pc which has XP
installed. I have tried attaching other devices (card reader, IDE HD adapter,
USB hub etc) to my USB ports and I'm now having problems with all of them.
When I attach a device, Vista looks for drivers for the device (even if it
doesn't need one) and comes up with the same message (vista cannot find
drivers for this device). I've tried a system restore to a point as far back
as possible to resolve this I had no problems previously...but
no luck. I know my printer works as I have tried using it with a pc using
vista at work. I'm sure this is a windows problem and not the USB ports as
they work perfectly well for items I installed a while back. I don't want to
do a complete windows re-install!! Can anyone help please?

Some folks have had good fortune in resolving such problems by deleting the
INFCACHE.1 file. It's located at C:\Windows\inf (scroll down to the file).
It's OK to delete the file even when it has nothing to do with the problem.

Windows puts inf files in that cache when it has hardware to install but has
information about that hardware that it doesn't know what to do with
(layman's explanation). Inf stands for information, which Windows needs to
know how to install the hardware properly. With that file removed, Windows
will find the correct inf file and install the hardware, we hope. Post back
on whether that suggestion works.

That has solved all my problems!!! My printer is now
working with my vista pc....and I can also use my card reader etc which
didn't install previously! Thanks again for your have solved what
was becoming a very frustrating problem!!

Method used:
1. Locate the file INFCACHE.1 in C:\Windows\inf

2. Right click on the INFCACHE.1 file, select Properties >Security > Edit,
and give your account full control.

3. Delete INFCACHE.1 (Or just to be safe, rename it to INFCACHE.1.BAK or
temporarily move to your desktop but you shouldn't need to, windows doesn't
need that file to run, and if it needs to it recreates it).


I wondered if anyone had tried this method and have they had any success?

  LANDCRUISER 17:15 21 Nov 2007

i might need this

  Border View 17:18 21 Nov 2007

My sister hasnt used it yet. Not home from work. If you use it can you let us know how you get on.


  Border View 22:45 21 Nov 2007


  Demora 13:40 23 Nov 2007

I May also need this.

  Border View 17:25 23 Nov 2007

My sister carried out the above fix and it stopped her computer indicating on boot up that new hardware had been found and to install drivers.

In addition Microsoft have sent her a hot fix which has overcome completely problems with her USB ports. Her printer is now working (she is dancing around the study after 6 weeks of frustration) and her usb flash pen is also working.

Just thought this might prove helpful to others with similar problems.

  Border View 18:40 24 Nov 2007

Sister is bouncing, everyting after six weeks is working as it should.

Cant help but thing that this sort of problem with Vista should have been sorted out before launch.

Bet Comet and NP are pleased.

  marble 09:29 25 Nov 2007

Best news ever Barmoor!!

Hope it works for us!!

Thanks for sharing your sister's experience. Going to try it shortly.

Demora - I see you took an interest - I recall your problems

  Demora 11:36 25 Nov 2007

I have found another kind of FIX. I had very similar problems with my logitech speakers but with XP. I went to the sounds icon in control panel and looked at properties. the Speakers were mentioned in there So I looked at the properties in there and uninstalled the driver. Next time I rebooted the pc I connected the speakers up and Yey....Found new hardware/USB Speakers. Running fine till next time.

Now I'm wondering in Vista if this will work. Not just with speakers but anything USB. Instead of deleting the root hub etc. Its just a matter of finding 'Where' the driver has been installed.



  Demora 11:38 25 Nov 2007

BTW how do we all get the 'HotFix' from MS?


  Border View 12:30 25 Nov 2007

You may get it via the Vista Community Discussion group. Or contact Microsoft support.

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