Problem getting web page

  Verbose 14:48 21 Oct 2011

Hi, Enquiring for a friend who uses Windows XP. When he clicks on a web page his PC sometimes just goes back to the Desktop. Doesn't happen all the time. Any advice welcome. Thanks

  lotvic 18:28 21 Oct 2011

Where is he clicking when this happens? (a link in his browser window, a link in his favourites/bookmarks, a link in an email, or where..?)

Do you mean his browser minimizes to the Taskbar?

More details are needed please.

  Verbose 12:06 26 Oct 2011

Thanks for reply lotvic.Have spoken to my friend who says that when he clicks on a link in his browser window he sometimes gets taken back to the desktop. Apparently this sometimes happens when he is doing nothing more than looking at a web page and not touching the mouse or keyboard. Very odd! Any ideas?

  lotvic 14:01 26 Oct 2011

Could just be dirty keyboard, dust and debris between the keys. Turn keyboard upside down and tap/shake out debris.

Or could be a bug in an Active X

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