Problem accessing files on W7 PC

  Jollyjohn 11:23 02 Oct 2011


I have a couple of PC's in the house and one runs W7. I can access some folders, "recorded tv shows" but not others "My documents" from another PC running XP.
I thought I had turned off password protection on the W7 PC but I still get an access denied message when trying to open My documents. What should I be doing on the W7 PC to allow access to my files?


  chub_tor 11:50 02 Oct 2011

Have you enabled File Sharing? See here

  Jollyjohn 14:23 02 Oct 2011

I believe I have enabled file sharing because I can access some file but not others. I have also shared a printer connected to this PC.

However if I go to Network on the W7 PC I don't see any other computers on the network, only the W7 PC.

  chub_tor 16:23 02 Oct 2011

Then you may have to take ownership of the files Click Here and Click Here

  gengiscant 09:59 03 Oct 2011

I found that trying to network the XP PC with the two Windows 7 PC an absolute nightmare, in fact I never did get it to work, so I switched the XP PC to Windows 7 which, surprisingly for Microsoft is very simple to network.

Some reading here: Good luck

  Jollyjohn 11:03 03 Oct 2011

I will mark this as solved even though it is not quite. I can access some files, share a printer and I can move stuff from the W7 PC using ftp to my Linux box.
I cant fathom why Microsoft have made networking from W7 to XP so tricky.

  tomboard 07:11 05 Oct 2011


Win7 when configured on peer-to-peer Network has three types of Sharing configurations.

HomeGroup Network = Works only between Win 7 computers. This type of configuration makes it very easy to Entry Level Users to start Network sharing.

Work Network = Basically similar to the previous methods of sharing that let you control what, how, and to whom folders would be shared with.

Public Sharing = Public Network (like Internet cafe) to reduce security risks.

For best results log to each computer's System Screen and set all the computers to be on a Network with the same name while each computer has its own unique name.

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