Printer runtime error

  Guineveres 16:41 23 Jul 2007

I'm almost a "silver surfer," all self taught & struggling with Vista.
Got new laptop with Vista Home Premium on it.
My printer is only a few months old, since getting this new laptop it was working up to a point, then printing with thick black lines where the print should be, then nothing. I've downloaded new Vista drivers from Lexmark site & have tried to find "allow command" on Vista. I don't understand the run thing although I can access it from Windows key plus R. Whatever I put in the "open" box doesn't get me any further.
When I open my printer prog I get the message -
Runtime Error! This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way.
I've tinkered with System Config. but don't know what I'm doing! The Application Layer Gateway Service has "stopped" by it, is this something that needs attention?
I'm in a mess here right....a big thank you if you take the time to help.

  brundle 17:27 23 Jul 2007

You forgot to say what model printer you have, Lexmark what?

  Guineveres 17:35 23 Jul 2007

Hi, my printer is a Lexmark X5470.

  brundle 17:58 23 Jul 2007

Not much luck via Google, a complete scan with antivirus and antispyware won't do any harm.
Uninstall printer software, give your temp files and registry a clean up with Ccleaner (use the Issues button to clean registry, make a backup of changes)
click here, reboot, re-install printer.

What is it that you need to do using the Run command?

  Guineveres 19:07 23 Jul 2007

Forgive my ignorance. I thought I had to use Run command in some way to make Vista allow the new printer drivers to operate. I guess as my experience of Vista has shown me that nothing just happens without an authority, is there an "allow" command of some sort?
In the Problem Reports log there are listed as "stopped" AIOC exe & Broderbund Premium Print Application, amongst other things, but these relate to my printer, yes/no?

  brundle 20:25 23 Jul 2007

Some operations in Vista require the command prompt to be run `as administrator` so the commands you run from that prompt can operate with more priviliges to change system settings than an `ordinary` user, or even to run at all (some refuse to, for security reasons and sometimes plain incompatibility) - Think Guest/Limited/Adminstrator accounts in XP, but more complicated. That's an awful explanation, but the rather clunky way this security has been implimented in VIsta means it trips some software up.

The Broderbund element will have been installed along with an actual Broderbund product and may be causing problems on its own.
AOIC apparently relates to Lexmark All-In-One software. If you can re-install the Broderbund product, uninstall it and try the printer then.

  Guineveres 20:15 24 Jul 2007

Thanks, I understand your first paragraph but have no knowledge of a Broderbund product.
As my Lexmark is an All-In-One, I guess that as long as it has "stopped" alongside it in the problem report log it won't work, or is that too simplistic? Anyway, I don't see how to alter that status so if anyone can shed light on this aspect I'd appreciate it.
In the meantime, I'll try following the intitial advice & see what transpires.

  Guineveres 01:36 27 Jul 2007

Ok, I've done everything you suggested but unfortunately my situation remains exactly the same. I'm convinced it's Vista that is causing this by blocking the software access, I just cannot find the AIOC.exe anywhere now, let alone unblock the path.

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