preview .pdf documents

  Florio 11:22 15 Feb 2011

I have Windows 7 64-bit and Firefox as my browser. I cannot preview .pdf documents in Windows explorer. Does anyone know how to get around this?
(I don't have Adobe Reader, just Adobe Acrobat, v.8.2.6)

  john bunyan 11:31 15 Feb 2011

Why not download the free Adobe Reader v 9? It woks fine for me in W7,64 bit IE8.

  Florio 12:22 15 Feb 2011

I did actually have Adobe Reader installed, but it made no difference--I still couldn't preview .pdf documents in Windows Explorer. I have a large number of .pdf docs, all necessarily with similar titles, and so it's important that I can have the possibility of previewing them.
I uninstalled Adobe Reader as it was not really necessary (Adobe Acrobat does everything).

  john bunyan 12:47 15 Feb 2011

Have you set .pdf to open by default in Adobe Acrobat? To do so Click Start, Control Panel,Default Programmes, Associaate a file Type Or protocol with a programme . Then scroll down to .pdf - see what its default opening programme is . If not Adobe Acrobat, right click and choose Adobe acrobat.

  Florio 13:03 15 Feb 2011

Yes, I've already done that. I didn't have this problem with my old laptop, which had Vista as the OS and IE as its browser, so I figure that the problem is caused either by Firefox or Windows 7.

  john bunyan 13:29 15 Feb 2011

All I can say is that with W7 64 bit and IE8 I have no problems with Adobe Reader 9.3 opening .pdf documents opening automatically in IE8.

  jakimo 13:31 20 Feb 2011

click link..go down page and see a 'Test box' follow the instructions,no guarantee,but nothing to loose

click here

  TonyV 19:00 02 Mar 2011

I do not use Acrobat Reader, but use Foxit. It seems to be a lot better than the Adobe software.

Have a look and see if it works OK for you. click here .

If you do try it, it will almost certainly ask you if you want Foxit to be your default .pdf reader, in which case say Yes and carry on.

I also have Win7 64bit with IE8.



  ventanas 22:34 11 Mar 2011

In Internet Explorer:

Tools\Internet Options\Advanced tab. Scroll down to security and place a tick in the box labelled Do not save encrypted pages to disc. Your pdf's will then display.

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