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  marble 10:26 06 May 2008

Windows Update showed me that 3 drivers needed updated - so downloaded them from Dell Drivers area.

1) Sigma Tel Sound driver - all updated and working properly now and showing the new version in Device Manager - the Windows Update then showed only 2 items awaiting to be dealt with.

2) GeForce 8600GTS - updated and showing with new version details in Device Manager but it is still on Windows Update list

3) TVTuner5 M799 device driver then installed but Device Manager shows no driver change, it is the same driver version as was showing before I applied the update (I tried to install the driver again but this time it just asked me if I was sure I wanted to uninstall it)- it is still on the Windows Update list.

I seem to be doing something wrong somewhere I reckon !

I considered trying now to update those 2 drivers from the Windows Update screen, but was unwilling to do so because the Update which Windows had offered for the Sound Driver (Sigma Tel now known as IDT) doesn't work (Dell's forum warns this is the case with the Sound Driver but I don't see any warnings regarding the other 2 Drivers I need) - I had to do a system restore then download the driver from the Dell site for my machine then all was fine.

Don't quite know exactly what to do to get my machine SP1 compliant.

  marble 11:51 15 May 2008

Oh dear - have I put my message in a gobbleydook fashion? I knew what I meant when I wrote it - sorry folks :-( Perhaps other people are not having the same issue.

I still have 2) and 3) showing as optional Updates still to be dealt with on my Vista Update page and I have not been offered SP1 yet through Automatic Update. These 2 drivers are not on the list of problem ones on the Microsoft site (but the Sound one was and has been dealt with).

Actually, when postie came today he brought an SP1 DVD that I had ordered a little while ago through a computer magazine offer.

My son is urging me to install it, but I was wondering if the fact that I have 2 optional driver Updates showing as waiting to be dealt with will be problematical.

Sorry to be a pest.

  anskyber 12:00 15 May 2008

If you have the drivers already updated then it is safe to ignore them from Windows Update. You can do so by right clicking on the driver update from Windows and select hide.

Like you I lost all sound with that problematic IDT driver and did a system restore to get out of it. The driver, or rather the update was not uninstallable for some reason.

I run SP1 on my Dell and there are no issues, allow about 40 mins for the install and do not be surprised if it appears to do nothing for large parts of the install. Disable any anti virus during the update.

My advice, pop the DVD in and go for SP1.

  marble 12:21 15 May 2008

Thanks very much for your reassurances anskyber.

I will pop the kettle on and pluck up the courage to pop the DVD in and go for it.

Much appreciated.

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