Post RC1 version available

  BurrWalnut 08:42 23 Sep 2006

Version 5728 is now available for download - for a short while only, click here

  anskyber 09:36 23 Sep 2006

Interesting, I wonder why if RC1 is the main vehicle for testing.

  Noelg23 12:54 23 Sep 2006

cant believe its out so soon...well better get it downloaded then...

  Forum Editor 14:57 23 Sep 2006

you should be aware that it's a special build, and you will not be able to upgrade to the release version of Vista from it. There are also likely to be some stability issues.

Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to use this build I recommend that you leave it alone.

  BurrWalnut 15:38 23 Sep 2006

I think the people who are installing the latest build know exactly what they're doing.

I quote one of your earlier postings "If you're not prepared to accept any glitches you shouldn't install beta software."

  sunny staines 15:40 23 Sep 2006

have you noticed any difference.

  BurrWalnut 15:47 23 Sep 2006

The download finished just after lunchtime - tomorrow I've the DVD burning aggravation to look forward to.

  Forum Editor 19:08 23 Sep 2006

that all "the people who are installing the latest build know exactly what they're doing".

Many of them will simply be installing it to see what it's like. You might be amazed at the number of calls my office gets from people wo have installed all manner of beta builds without any previous experience, or special knowledge.

That's why I posted my warning.

  anskyber 19:49 23 Sep 2006

"I think the people who are installing the latest build know exactly what they're doing."

Ah, the magic of the English language. I read your comments as, people know that they are taking incredible risks with Beta type downloads which could foul up their PC big time. Nonetheless they are prepared to go ahead.

The FE read it (I think) as, they know what they are doing taking the risk but consider themselves (usually incorrectly) as capable IT bods who can resolve any difficulties arising from the download.

The FEs advice is well made which, with my limited skill, I have not gone near the Vista trials, much though I would love to have a try. Incidentally, I do not suggest you are not extremely IT literate and capable of getting out of a tricky corner with Vista Beta.

  anskyber 19:53 23 Sep 2006

Actually, re reading the FEs comments it should be added by me that his comments include the idea that some have no idea of what they are doing either technically or in terms of risk taking.

  Noelg23 03:15 27 Sep 2006

unless you are a tecchie (like yours truly) and u know what you are doing, I would stay well clear of Vista in its testing stages. I had a friend of mine install (well at least try to install) Vista Beta 2 on her machine, suffice to say she didnt have a clue what she was doing and nearly killed her machine, lucky for her the installation didnt finish otherwise it would have been upto muggins here to sort out her own mess! That will teach her.

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