Possible legal action against Nvidia over drivers

  Kate B 13:17 04 Feb 2007

click here

I understand the frustrations as I can't install Vista on my PC at the moment, but is legal action going too far or is it justified? What do you think?

  anskyber 13:35 04 Feb 2007

Well two issues.

I have some sympathy for those who bought an upgrade card with the "Vista Ready" logo on it. My view is it is clear misrepresentation and potentially actionable. Whether the action is worth it. Probably not, other than to embarrass nVidea.

For the rest of us with nVidea graphics cards (yes I am one) there is the usual frustration of a new OS which has hardly been a secret which does not have the drivers (other than Beta) ready on time. (Big sigh)

In keeping with my usual high standards of integrity and having posted widely here that I would not go to Vista because of the cost issues I am ...... in an.....embarrassing position of having ordered my copy from Amazon yesterday. (head ducks below parapet)

So I either run with Beta drivers or wait. I think I'll wait.

  anskyber 13:38 04 Feb 2007

NVIDIA, I must learn how to spell NVIDIA x 100

  Kate B 13:38 04 Feb 2007

*chuckles* I wondered how long you'd last before cracking and ordering Vista, anskyber.

I think you've hit the nail on the head with point that the OS has hardly been a secret. I said in my email to the PR the other day "it's not as if the OS has crept up on you". He didn't respond to that point.

I think the "Vista Ready" logo is clearly misleading if the drivers aren't there.

*still waiting for Nvida Raid and chipset drivers*

  Totally-braindead 14:29 04 Feb 2007

Had a look on the website they created. Particularly like the different logo they have created for the box. "Stick with Windows XP" and "Windows Vista Incapable". Sums it up really.

I do really think Nvidia have mucked things up. There are bound to be problems with a new OS but sticking a label on a graphics card saying its Vista Ready would seem to be a clear misrepresentation as they have only a BETA driver ready and it causes problems. So its not Vista ready as far as I can see.
All they really have to do is appologise, say they jumped the gun a bit and remove the label till they do have a stable non BETA driver up and running.
Poor show from Nvidia in my opinion and yes I have a Nvidia card too. The fifth in a row I have had and all have given good service.

Just though of something. All new PCs are shipping with Vista aren't they? What happens if you buy one with an Nvidia card? Does it have the BETA driver installed and are they having any problems?

  Kate B 15:05 04 Feb 2007

If you look here click here most of the graphics card drivers are there - I think the appearance of the Vista drivers for the 8800 series is very new, though. And I believe SLI support is shaky.

What's missing is chipset and Raid drivers. Which is kind of annoying as you might imagine that those of us with Raid and other such geeky hardware setups might be the early adopters who'd want to go to Vista.

  Totally-braindead 17:52 04 Feb 2007

Very true Kate B I have a humble 7600GS which presumably will work ok but like you I have RAID and its another example of why when Vista appeared I was one of the ones saying I wouldn't be upgrading for a while at least until all the drivers issues were sorted out.
It was the same when XP appeared I stayed on Windows 98SE for a year before I eventually changed over.
I would like to see Vista, I've seen the screen shots and everything and it looks very nice but XP looks pretty good as well, and I'm used to it. As for the increased security only time will tell if that will work.

  Kate B 18:12 04 Feb 2007

I'll upgrade the moment the drivers are there. I've had a copy of Ultimate sitting on my desk since before Christmas!

  Totally-braindead 18:39 04 Feb 2007

Kate B either you have too much money or you're a kept woman.
Actually thinking about it you've had it since Xmas? A freebie from Microsoft perhaps as I thought the release date was much later than that?

I'm beginning to wish I had a second PC so at least I could see it. But I've no wish to screw up my one and only PC. I see VOG has been trying it (he mentioned it on another thread) and has given up for now and reverted to XP.

  anskyber 18:41 04 Feb 2007

Have you got a link to the Vog comments?

  Totally-braindead 18:44 04 Feb 2007

Sure should have thought of that click here

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