Portfowardig on windows 8?

  Crossiie 15:02 22 Feb 2015


I am having problem with portfowarding any ports on my new PC. I googled for two weeks on this issue and have not found any solution.

If needed I can post screens of my router settings. I have tried to disable firewall, tried to portforward router in modem - but still without success.

Any tips are welcome!

  Crossiie 09:57 24 Feb 2015


  Bris 20:22 24 Feb 2015

This link wont fix your problem but is invaluable when trying to analyse it.

note: the tabs on the left, the links especially the Wikipedia link, you can click on the ports on the right then click the check button, you can input the port number manually and check its status by clicking the "check" button.

As far as I am aware port forwarding problems relate to the router and firewall and not the OS.

It may help if you could post back your router make & model, the firewall you are using and what you are trying to do then maybe someone will come forward.

  Crossiie 14:04 25 Feb 2015

I am using Linksys E1200 and windows firewall (already tried to disable it).

That link was first thing I tried after I wasn't able to connect to my server and it said it's not open.

I've tried to open 25565 port (for minecraft) and default ports for TS server.

And to answer why I though it's OS - I had minecraft server open on win 7 before with same router and windows firewall on.

  Bris 19:10 25 Feb 2015

This link takes you through the steps for setting up the router.

Apologies if you have already checked this out included it just in case you have missed something.

I will have a dig around re W8 and the firewall.

  Bris 19:33 25 Feb 2015

To change the firewall settings go to control panel and then "windows firewall".

Here you can turn the firewall on and off also "allow an app or feature through windows firewall".

There is a site which explains it but when I post the link its blocked by this sites spam filter which it clearly is not as its a Microsoft site (not the first time this has happened).

To access the site type "windows firewall from start to finish" into your search engine

  Crossiie 23:32 25 Feb 2015

As I said, I already disabled firewall and I looked up "how to portforward" multiple times - even tho I know how to do it, as i mentioned in one of previous posts - I already had server up for minecraft, two years ago.

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