Pixels missing from display when using editor under Windows Vista

  BognorMike 16:38 09 Mar 2015

Some days ago a fault started to appear on my screen when I use a text editor that is common to several programs, for example a PowerBasic Console Compiler suite and an Easynet email suite. The same fault is also apparent as I write the text that you are reading now.

The fault seems to cause lines of pixels not to be displayed on the screen and is a nuisance because it makes the text harder to read. For instance a lower-case "g" appears like a lower-case "q" because the curved bit at the bottom is missing. Similarly, an upper-case "W" looks very similar to a lower-case "w". Also, missing pixels make the text appear dimmer.

What should I do to fix this, please?

  xania 10:47 11 Mar 2015

I assume the missing pixels are always in the same location - i.e if you scroll up the screen the problem affects a different part of the document?

I would say your monitor is faulty. Can you test with a different monitor?

You will probably need to replace the monitor. Cannot see how a program would crate this effect.

  BognorMike 22:09 11 Mar 2015

Hi Xania

No, the missing pixels are always in the same position on the document, regardless of scrolling. The fault is only apparent on a text editor screen. As I type this reply to you the fault is present, but what I type is currently reproduced perfectly (though in a different font) in another box below.

In other words, only that part of the screen called up by pcadvisor's text editor (probably about 25%) is exhibiting the fault.

  xania 09:22 12 Mar 2015

So, if you scroll down until the problem characters vanish off the top of the screen, and then scroll back down again, the problem is still there?

  Peter 14:48 12 Mar 2015


I think this may have something to do with Microsoft Cleartype. Since the Microsoft Update in February 2015, I have noticed that Word documents often displayed letters like "A" with the horizontal bar missing in normal size (12 point) text. This was also apparent in other text based programmes, especially those using Times New Roman font. Graphic representations of text did not exhibit the problem.

I thought there might be a problem with my monitor, which is an old CRT one, but in all other ways the display is okay.

Since the Microsoft Update last Tuesday evening (10-03-2015) the problem has gone away.

Have you installed the Tuesday updates? By the way I am running Windows XP Pro.


  xania 10:35 13 Mar 2015

In view of Peter's comments, it might be worth trying to see if the fault goes away if you choose a different font and/or font size

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