Photo Edition s/w - What's the best for Vista pls?

  AngeTheHippy 17:41 27 Apr 2009

Hi All,
I've got PaintShopPro and PhotoShop on my old XP pc and am looking for a good Photo Editing s/w for the new Lappy - Vista Home Premium 32bit. Can I have suggestions please?



  Kevscar1 19:49 27 Apr 2009

Stick with PSP works fine on my Vista

  AngeTheHippy 20:57 27 Apr 2009

I'd love to, but when I go to the Corel website to get the updates it appears they don't have 10.1 as it's too old! Can't afford at the mo to purchase the latest edition either...


  Kevscar1 07:10 28 Apr 2009

go here for updates

click here

  AngeTheHippy 08:47 28 Apr 2009

and many thanks for your suggestions.

I've been to the site AND d/loaded the 10.01 patch. HOWEVER, for some odd reason I can't fathom out, it slows then freezes PSP. I've installed and uninstalled both items twice already, as the same thing happened both times. It's really annoying, as I didn't have the problem on the PC which runs on XP.


  Kevscar1 18:26 28 Apr 2009

try running as administrator.
let us know if that works

  AngeTheHippy 09:07 29 Apr 2009

thanks for your response. I think I know WHY (possibly!) PSP didn't like the 10.1 update - could it be I hadn't CLOSED PSP when installing the update?? Just tried again BUT closed PSP before updating, and ... VOILA!! Works like a dream. It seems quite a bit faster to when opening PSP!

Thanks everyone for your help with this. I MUST remember that when applying an update that's been downloaded, it's important to CLOSE the application when applying.


  Kevscar1 18:47 29 Apr 2009

yeah it does help

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