Phantom shared folder on laptop

  bluepcadvisor 15:39 31 Jan 2014

Hi, when I browse from a specific desktop to a laptop (both windows 8.1, but this has been around pre upgrade, possibly even since win 7) I see a share that does not exist on the laptop itself.

On the laptop doing a CMD window "net share" does not show this share, and it does not show from other remote PCs. Yet from the desktop machine, it appears in the list of shared folders under the laptop in explorer.

Its called "work". It has folders within it, going down 4 levels, that are also not on the laptop. They used to be present, but have since been deleted. Its is as if the desktop has cached the folders.

Bizarrely I can even create a file in these folders, from the remote PC. It's properties show it as being on the network share. File details show as "Available" but "Offline (not connected)". It's as if this has been made "available offline" but is somehow not connected to the laptop itself. In "Offline Files" tab it says it is offline, and the "always available offline" is not checked. Annoyingly it prevents me creating a new share called "work" that actually works.

Ideas please. I think it may have been created by a file copying program writing some files to the share when it was not actually available. And consequently the desktop has cached the files somewhere.

thanks Rik

  Bris 17:08 31 Jan 2014
  bluepcadvisor 17:51 31 Jan 2014

Thanks. Fixed it, not directly from that article but it got me thinking.

Here is what I did. Went to control panel typed "offline", to get Manage Offline Files. Got an Offline files dialog. Sure enough View Offline files showed these files. I hit Disable offline files. Rebooted like it said, and the share is gone. This means I can't use offline files, but I don't anyway. Not sure what would happen if I renabled them. cheers!

  Bris 19:07 31 Jan 2014

Glad you fixed it.

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