lumuah 10:20 09 Sep 2010

Sumbled across this site from a google ad, and they are selling licence keys for windows 7 (number only, no discs) for £24.

The site looks a bit basic, and the prices a a bit too good so I think it is probably dodgy, so my question is - has anybody dealt with them? Can you really buy a legal licence key for £24?

  a member 11:03 09 Sep 2010

there are many ads on the internet selling Windows 7 in various forms ,I would not go down the road of buying a key only ,from any source eccept microsoft themselves ,the chances are that the keys will be pirated ,and will either not work or fail and become de-activated in the near future .
I would call microsoft ,and ask them about buying a key only for an extra PC as you already have a retail disc.
another option ,look up the more well known (reputable) dealers ,there are plenty around ,and compare prices .

  lumuah 11:28 09 Sep 2010

Thats what I was suspecting.

Do Microsoft do 'deals' for second keys?

  a member 15:04 09 Sep 2010

microsoft does not do (deals) with any of thier softwares but its obvious that a key alone is not going to cost as much as the whole package including discs etc.

  Proclaimer 16:55 09 Sep 2010

Just google the address and look at the Residential High Rise this 'company' are in. If you still think the keys are legal... go ahead. I wouldn't.

Also, check this post click here on PCA, it is for Digital 7 Heaven which matches the e-mail contact on the pcactivation site.

Their address is the same also, two companies in the one house...

  a member 18:16 09 Sep 2010

this website has at least 3 different named companies using the same e-mail address (fact is there is just one email for all of them and I suspect one person ),its a scam ,they (he/her) buy a legitimate product key , then offer it for a rediculously low price, then a large number of unsuspecting customers will buy a windows 7 key from them ,the only problem is ,its the same key .and as soon as alarm bells go off at microsoft the key will be blacklisted and all those buyers will now be running de-activated reduced function PCs .
they can make a few hundred quid before the sh*^ hits the fan ,and then they simply buy another product key and start again ,they do this with other softwares too not only windows 7 .
they are copying the methods of an american company that has been doing the same thing ,and the big companies seem powerless to do anything about it ,(or unwilling to try) spread the word .

  Ashrich 22:05 23 Sep 2010

You used to be able to do this with XP Pro , " borrow " a corporate license from someone in IT/Industry ( the bigger companies buy an unlimited one ) and it can be used/registered on as many PC's as you like , but with the advent of Vista , all came with their own key , no more bulk licenses .


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