PC World and Windows Vista

  douglas1973 20:17 13 Feb 2007

At the request of a friend, who has very little knowledge of computers and wanted me to recommend a computer to buy, I suggested that he should buy a certain computer on sale at PC World and accompanied him to the shop yesterday to acquire it after ordering it on the PC World website. In the process of buying it the sales attendant picked up a gismo from the shelves (which I think was manufactured by Belkin) and told us that it would be required to transfer his files from the old computer to the new one. I told the sales attendant that we would not require it because my friend did not have many files on his computer and intended copying them on to a CD (or CDs) and transferring them to his new computer. When it was mentioned that most of the files related to Microsoft Office 2003 programs he said that Office 2003 was not compatible with Vista and that my friend would have to buy Office 2007! I disputed this strongly telling him that I had just installed the full version (not upgrade)of Windows Vista Home Premium followed by Office 2003 on my computer and had no problems whatsoever. He argued that in my case the installation was successful because I had installed Windows Vista on top of Windows XP Home Edition but in the case of the computer that my friend was wanting to purchase, Office 2003 would not work because the installation of Vista would have been done on a clean hard drive! He also said that my original installation of Windows XP would still be in the BIOS which Office 2003 would detect. Have you ever heard such nonsense or have I gone crazy? Whatever argument I presented, such as Microsoft would hardly introduce a new operating system that was not compatible with Office 2003, got me nowhere. In the end my friend and I walked out of the shop empty handed!

  Totally-braindead 20:20 13 Feb 2007

Lost a sale - serves them right.

  WSR 20:28 13 Feb 2007

Perhaps you should have asked to see the Manager, so that he could be informed that his staff are useless!

  Totally-braindead 20:37 13 Feb 2007

If your friend has not bought a PC yet then can I recommend having a look at the Novatech ones. Some good computers there and they do very good after sales and the PCs are totally standard - no problems with small sized power supplies or low profile graphics cards etc.

  Kate B 21:48 13 Feb 2007

What absolute nonsense that PC World lad spoke. That sums up why I dislike PC World so much.

  anskyber 22:53 13 Feb 2007


  Input Overload 23:43 13 Feb 2007

You should have asked for the manager with an explanation, Office 2000 runs fine with Vista here. Why not go back?

  Input Overload 23:45 13 Feb 2007

Sorry! 2003. :-) Opps.

  Jimmy14 23:52 13 Feb 2007

Some of the girls who work in PC WORLD or anyone for that matter have no clue about technology. They are not educated in any part of computers as my friend and I were asking one of them about two types of ram, SDRAM for an old IBM Laptop and DDR2 RAM for my laptop and the guy had no clue. He shouted on someone else to come and help but they were too busy.

  Kate B 23:55 13 Feb 2007

Jimmy14, the lack of knowledge among PC World staff is not restricted to the women: I've had a fair bit of experience of men with a frighteningly low level of knowledge.

Incidentally, I doubt any "girls" work there - it's illegal to employ children ;-)

  douglas1973 00:06 14 Feb 2007

I forgot to add that when I suggested for about the third time to the PC World sales attendant that he must have got his facts wrong he assured me that he had not - he had very recently been to a Microsoft training seminar of some kind and was told that Office 2003 was not compatible with Vista and furthermore various customers of PC World had recently returned to the branch complaining that they could not use Office with Vista.

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