PC World Vista Upgrade Offer

  superhoops 13:11 20 Nov 2006

I read in Computeractive a short while ago that PC World are offering a free upgrade to Vista for all machine purchased over £399. I bought a pc a few days after the offer started but was not offered a voucher. I havent had the chance to return to the store yet to ask about it and wondered if anyone knew the procedure they are using?

  paul trotter 14:46 20 Nov 2006

My understanding is that all PC World PCs and laptops priced at £399 or above (from the end of October until 15 March 2007) get the upgrade. For systems priced at below £399, buyers should be offered an upgrade to Vista Home Basic, but at a cost.

I'm not sure how heavily PC World staff are promoting this in store, and would be interested to see how you get on.

Paul Trotter, Editor.

  Forum Editor 23:32 20 Nov 2006

The original offer came from Microsoft, and varies slightly from supplier to supplier.

Back in October, Microsoft made the following offer:-

All shoppers who buy a Vista-capable PC between Thursday, October 26, and March 15, 2007, will be offered a voucher which they may redeem for a free or discounted upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista and from Office 2003 to Office 2007. The actual terms of the offer will vary from supplier to supplier.

PC World's version of the offer is :-

A free upgrade copy of Windows Vista Home Premium from now until March 31st for all computers costing more than £399.

Customers purchasing systems priced below £399 will be offered Windows Vista Home Basic edition for half the recommended retail price.

If you bought your computer after 26th October, and it cost more than £399 you are entitled to the free upgrade, and you should have been offered a voucher. I suggest that you contact the store immediately and ask them to honour their commitment.

  superhoops 00:11 21 Nov 2006

Thanks for your responses. I will get to PC World asap and let you know how I get on.

  avesnes 16:25 21 Nov 2006

Having just bought a Compaq laptop from PC World,I was told at the branch to "go on the web and search for vista". I phoned PC Worlds's head office and was told to go to "click here" which is a microsoft site.

There it says that the scheme is being run via the manufacturer of the particular computer. Hence I then went to the HP (who own Compaq) website where details were available regarding what proof of purchase information and computer serial numbers etc. will be needed. As yet the site is not logging details until the end of November.

  superhoops 10:18 22 Nov 2006

Thanks avesnes. I have bookmarked the HP page to contact them when the offer goes live.
Makes you wonder though how PC World can claim it is their offer when you have to go the HP site to claim the upgrade!

  superhoops 17:39 01 Dec 2006

I was in PC World Luton today and asked about the Vista upgrade schem and the chap there said that PC World have your address on file form when you bought the pc and they will automatically post out an upgrade voucher in January.

  betaman 15:49 05 Dec 2006

I was told at PC World in Harrogate to go to TheTechGuys website (part of Dixons Retail group) to register for the voucher. There I found a screen where I was asked to leave my e-mail address and would be notified when they had the appropriate web-page up and running. On this page it said that it would be up by mid-November. That page is not yet up and running.

  avesnes 11:22 03 Jan 2007

The HP Vista Upgrade page is now working although the site is very slow and it took about 20 minutes to complete all the necessary pages for just one computer. The good news (if I am reading it correctly) is that there is no charge for postage & packing!

  superhoops 12:13 03 Jan 2007

I have tried to order my upgrade disc but it will only accept a credit card not switch for the £12.90 postage and handling charge(Think you must have missed that!). I think that is pretty unfair as it meansI have no way of getting it now. I will get onto PC World as they sold me the HP PC on the understanding I would get the free upgrade.

  avesnes 17:46 03 Jan 2007

I have a printout of all my/the computer's/the software's details showing £0.00 product price, £0.00 Shipping & Handling, £0.00 Tax & Duties, Payment Method blank. At the bottom there is "Proof of Purchase and Redemption Form instructions" stating that a confirmation email will be sent to me and details of required proof of purchase. The office dealing with Europe. Middle East and Africa is in the Netherlands.

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