donna-321 07:25 19 Nov 2007

its my daughters birthday next week and i wanted to buy her a laptop for her room. i was browsing around the PC WORLD website and saw a reconditioned packard bell laptop for £260. i was dubious about buying one second hand but coming from PC WORLD, it didnt occur to me id have any kind of trouble with it. so i went for it, paid for it and waited for it to be delivered. when it came i was impressed, that was until i tried to turn it on, IT WOULDNT!!! for 3 hours i kept pushing the 'on' button but nothing would happen. finally, it did come on but by then i was wondering why it had taken over 3 hours to do so (it was plugged into the mains) the idea was to get it set up for her and put it in her oom for the morning of her birthday so there i was going through the laptop and looking at it all. suddenly, the screen went black and nothing would come up. i had to turn it off and when i tried to restart it, i had the same problem as before, it wouldnt come back on. anyway this happened about 5 times, screen blacks out and wont come back on. i was mad!! so yesterday, i took it to my local store. i only managed to do that because i was at my parents and its local to them, theres no PC WORLD anywhere near where i live. so i took it back and the 'tech guys' told me its probably got a loose connection and i can either have a refund or look for another clearance laptop. the guy took me off to look at more and i saw a compac one for £300. after alot of wondering whether to chance it, he assured me they all get rigarously tested before they are sold. so i agreed and was happy to pay the £35 extra for this one. on getting home i set it up and it seemed ok at first. until i left my parents and went back to my house. i got the desktop up but it old me my copy of windows is not genuine and i had to go through all this hassle of calling up a number and entering numbers in boxes. at the end of this automated call, the voice said "thankyou for registering your copy of windows - xp". this would of been ok if the windows program preinstalled on the laptop wasnt VISTA. this was my first concern. i carried on regardless and then tried to install the aol disc, just as it started up, a box came up and told me there were files missing on the computer and it couldnt complete the installation. i calicked 'ok' and it went off. 11 times i tried to reinstall it. called the tech guys up and he told me i need a new aol 9 vr disc, but i already had that, it still told me there were files missing.

so thats 2 computers in 3 days that do not work the way they are supposed to!!!! this rigarous testing isnt so rigarous at all. so tomorrow, im going back to PC FLAMING WORLD, getting a refund and going elsewhere.

just wanted to vent my anger and thanks for reading!!! :)

  Mike10C 09:01 19 Nov 2007

Donna, I am surprised but then again not surprised. PC World have been ok for me, but from this Forum I can see lots of unhappy customers with Vista machines not working as they should. Thus PC World has lots of problem computers to sell.
I agree take it back, but then demand to see the manager and give him a choice. He provides you with a computer tested and working in front of your eyes, and you then take it home, or he just gives you your money back and you go elsewhere.
If he is a good manager he will help.
Good luck

  skidzy 18:04 19 Nov 2007

I have bought a few computers from PCW and never had a problem,however i have never purchased a recon from them.

What i would suggest,add a few more pounds and goto Dell,free delivery to a time that suits you and a good after sales team with a collection policy if you have any problems.

Ive bought from Dell a few times as well and just cannot fault them in any way.

Basically,get your money back and look for a new computer as opposed to a recon.

If i am correct in saying,PCW only offer a 3 month warranty on recons,where as a new system will have at least a year.

  donna-321 18:12 19 Nov 2007

thankyou for your replies. since typing that post this morning, i have since discovered more problems with this recon machine. it seems no matter what discs i put in to the drive, none will work because of these missing files or as the last error message said 'missing windows componants' whatever that means!!! i also notice on start up that i get something which says 'media test failure' so theres another one. im actually looking forward to going back to pc world tomorrow and telling them exactly what i think of them. one laptop with a loose connection i could of probably let go, but problems with the 2nd one in a space of a few days? definitely not right.

and your right, new ones are only a little more expensive. i should of just done that to begin with. ive learnt my lesson...

thanks again :))

  donna-321 12:18 20 Nov 2007

just a lil update and a couple of wuestions i need to ask..

i took my laptop back to pc world and the tech guy assured me that the reason i was getting these errors was because of a software problem and not a hardware one. i explained about not being able to install the aol vr disc and he told me there was a newer version which he was going to put on a disc for me to take home and install...

so, on getting home i popped in the disc and thankfully didnt get any error messages...but what i did notice was that with the aol 9 disc you got that guy talking you through everything and it downloaded the modem drivers and such at the end, but with the VR disc he gave me, it didnt say anything about downloading the drivers, it didnt even tell me to plug in my modem or any such thing. the installation was similar to the older versions of aol installations..so what does this mean? does it mean i dont have any modem drivers on my vista machine? the modem i use with my XP laptop is a bt voyager 105 - which i believe is old and wont work on my new vista machine anyway. i am just waiting for aol to send my wireless package out, which should be with me by tomorrow so once i get that, would i just connect to the router instead of having to use or install any other drivers?

hope im making some kind of sense


  Slithe 13:19 20 Nov 2007

You've bought a product that isn't working properly and of a sufficient standard. Regardless of whatever you have been told by the store this is the position you are in.

As a consumer, s.14 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (Particularly s.14(2)(2A)) gives you a right to reject the goods and get your money back. Personally, that's what I do and go elsewhere. Don't let the store fob you off...

Good luck...

  rdave13 16:00 20 Nov 2007

If you're getting the wireless kit then the router will come with the AOL installation disk. The disk will give the option for wireless. No need for drivers. Follow the booklet that comes with it carefully and you should have no problems.

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