PC usage jumps to 100% whenever network connects or diconnects

  walterwhitec10h15n 07:59 15 Mar 2014

Hi guys..this problem is bugging me for the past few weeks...

  1. when my pc starts the cpu usage jumps to 100% and stays that way for about 10 minutes...after that it comes to normal...

  2. To connect to the net as per my service provider I have to setup a dial-up connection..when I click connect the cpu usage again jumps to 100%..after 10 minutes it comes to normal..

  3. the same thing happens when I disconnect the network connection...

I have searched for the solution on many forums but didn't find any solution.. I tried a few things : 1. reinstall drivers 2. close unwanted startup programs and services in msconfig 3. cleaned up registry , fixed all problems using tune-up utilities 4. Defragged all the drives 5. Scanned for viruses using kaspersky internet security 6. I also scanned for malwares using malware-bytes.

my pc congfig is : e4500 intel dual core processor ; dg33 motherboard ; 2.5 gb ram HDD :: internal - 500 gb and 250 gb + 1 Tb external.

I am running windows 7 ultimate on this pc for the past 3 years without any problem...

  chub_tor 10:47 15 Mar 2014

A long shot but could this be related to one of your music files? See this fix from Microsoft

  wee eddie 12:32 16 Mar 2014

Why does this surprise you:

  1. It's setting up as fast as it can.

  2. As it logs on, it's dealing with all the new information as fast as it can.

  3. Once you have disconnected it's closing down all the bits that have been used during the session.

I would have been more surprised if you had said that it was only working at 50%, and you'd be complaining as to how slow it was.

  chub_tor 18:01 17 Mar 2014

wee eddie I see your point and this machine is not the most recent from its spec BUT 10 minutes to start up and settle down is certainly excessive. My guess is that if the external drive was removed that time would drop dramatically as it is probably indexing for search purposes that is consuming a good part of the time.

  wee eddie 18:17 17 Mar 2014

Have you considered the possibility the your Anti Virus may be running a Scan?

  pjunaid 19:48 01 Apr 2014

may its your bad or lazy network connectivity issue, better to check your network connection performance first, the rest of the work will all go in vain. To do a network test just go to: click here and click just the button to start the tests. The Connectivity Checker will perform a series of network tests for modern Web Services like WebSockets and WebRTC as well

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