PC NEXTDAY - Vista Upgrade

  side_partings 13:23 05 Feb 2007

I'm ready to spend a lot of money on Pcnextday.co.uk on a Zoostorm desktop but have started to lose confidence after a number of my emails have been answered shortly and vaguely.
I've waited months for vista to be available but am seriously doubting the appeal of upgrading, as opposed to waiting until it will be pre-installed (does anyone know when this will be?).
I noticed one person posting that they had difficulty with pcnextday; has anyone else?
Has anyone actually had a hassle free upgrade process and if so how long does it take for the updgrade disc to arrive?

  Pine Man 16:36 05 Feb 2007

If you look in Consumerwatch you will find loads of discussion on PC Nextday - not much of it is very encouriging!

Vista is RTM (released to manufacturers) so you should see preloaded Vista very shortly. Regarding pcnextday you have to be careful with all online suppliers I know that some reading this will think Dell but pcnextday have neither the size or the support system Dell have. If you do have problems then Consumerwatch is the road ahead. PCA have rated pcnextday highly but I sometimes wish that extended testing was also
available. I have had problems with Inno3D
in the past a hardware factor used by pcnextday.
General advice would be to approach your local Director of Fair Trade at your local Office of Fair Trade. If a manufacturer promises something
in advertising they are legally obliged to forefill that promise by law.

  hs82 17:03 09 Feb 2007

Alexiussooty: no, they are not legally obliged to deliver on what they promise in advertising. They are only obligated to deliver on the individual agreement made with the indivual consumer. Now, if that contract refers to the specs in the advertisment then those specs could become incorporated into the contract, but advertising on its own cannot bind the vendor. Even having something in a shop with a price tag on it does not oblige the shop to sell at that price. Legally speaking, advertising is an invitation to treat, not an offer of a contract.

Err, hs82:

The advertising standards authority may beg to differ on that one.

  Pine Man 19:09 18 Feb 2007

Err, hs82 (2)

Couldn't agree more Black Sword.

Advertising is certainly an invitation to buy BUT, once you have bought, the contract for that purchase is legally binding and inexorably linked to the description of the item when offered for sale.

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