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  ro1 10:11 27 Jan 2015

hi, at 83, im wondering if i should upgrade to windows 10.... love joy

  lotvic 10:21 27 Jan 2015

Have a read of comments on thread in Speakers Corner click here it'll be free for a year if you fancy trying it.

What's your age got to do with it? as with all our activities - Compute like you'll live forever! and enjoy it :)

  ro1 13:35 27 Jan 2015

HI, BOTH, THANK YOU i must admit im alright with w7, but curious about 10... i think i might GO FOR IT..... LOTS OF LOVE JOY

  lotvic 14:27 27 Jan 2015

I'm going to have W10 on a different Harddrive so I can put my old harddrive with W7 back in the pc when I want to use W7, and it will be easy to swap between the two systems (and keep them both alternately updated) Take one out, put t'other in. This will enable me to 'go back' to W7 whenever I wish. (if W10 installation requires a working W7 harddrive to install over-the-top of, then I'll clone my W7 drive to the new one) simplz :)

or it will be if my pc hardware can handle W10 - that's something I don't know yet...

  ro1 14:47 27 Jan 2015

HI, i wouldnt know how to take out and introduce another hard drive.....im still learning....but it sounds intriguing love

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:37 27 Jan 2015

Go for it!

Age is all in the mind, its only the body that slows down.


I had no problem swapping from XP to W8.1 you don't need to use the icons (apps) if on a desktop not sure what all the fuss was about.

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