Password will expire in 5 days

  marble 15:19 12 Jul 2010

Above message appeared on my netbook today when it powered up and was loading the icons on the taskbar (machine is a month old).

It was in a bubble which was pointing to my Microsoft Security Essentials icon.

I have absolutely no idea what it means though - what password? I have no recollection of being asked to password MSE when I installed it.

Can anyone enlighten me please?

  powerless 20:32 12 Jul 2010

Are you sure it's MSE and not Windows 7 itself?

click here

  marble 23:28 12 Jul 2010

The netbook is about a month old and came with Win 7 preloaded. I set up an Administrator Account and my own account, which I believe has been set up with Administrator privileges (which is what I did on my big Vista machine).

Well the bubble was pointing to the MSE icon in the taskbar on my user account, not the little flag icon that says 'Solve PC issues'. However I powered down (while powering down there was a Windows message box which flashed by too quickly for me to read or even see its title) then powered on again - the message says in full ‘Consider changing your password - your password will expire in 5 days - to change password press Ctrl Alt Del and click Change Password’, this time message pointed to a part of the taskbar which had no icons on it, I didn’t see MSE icon on the taskbar this time.

Powered down again, waited and switched on again. Very first screen said F2 for Bios - F11 to view post bios message (never seen that last bit before on the first screen). Then it powered up to desktop, got the message again with the bubble pointing just at the taskbar. No MSE icon in taskbar again (although when I launched MSE through desktop icon it says ‘fully protected’).

Does the message mean the log in password for my user account only (I haven‘t been in the Administrator Account since I set it up initially)? Sorry to be an idiot, but I didn't know Windows 7 wanted password changes. I did Google the message and also asked if Win 7 asked for password changes, but couldn’t see what I wanted to know. The booklet that came with the machine tells me how to work the machine but gives very little info about Win 7.

Yes Powerless, it seems to be a Windows message, rather than an MSE one, but I would rather understand it before I go changing things (hubby says he doesn’t like the sound of it, which is making me a bit nervous).

Have I got a machine problem? Have I got a Win 7 problem? Probably I just don’t understand how Win 7 works.

Any words of wisdom much appreciated please.

  Ashrich 23:44 12 Jul 2010

click here for the answer to your problem .


  marble 23:57 12 Jul 2010

I do beg your pardon Powerless, I am a bit poorly sighted and just noticed your message had a 'Click Here' and I read the link with interest and dismay, but not full understanding as I am not in the least technically minded and it is a bit late at night.

I am using the Starter Edition of Win 7. So, it looks like I would have to change my password every time it asks through the Ctrl Alt Del procedure. How often would it want me to change passwords? Does it want it done on both the user accounts at the same time?

I haven't yet heard from folks I know with Win 7 that they had to either change their passwords within 5 days or be locked out of their accounts.

Thanks very much for your link.

Off to bed now to try to reason it all out.

  marble 16:22 13 Jul 2010

So - can I simply remove the password from the user account which is giving the expiry warning ?

Nah, probably not, but worth an ask :-)

  Ashrich 18:22 13 Jul 2010

If you clicked on the link I posted it tells you how to turn off the password expiration .


  marble 19:32 13 Jul 2010

Yes thanks Ashrich I have read it several times. The first instructions don't work on mine unfortunately, as the snap in may not be used in Windows Starter and my tiny mind is trying to get round the other information given.

Just thought it was worth an ask about whether deleting the password on the account would work, but obviously not:-)

I will let you know how I get on. Thanks lots for the link with the information,

  a member 20:10 13 Jul 2010

for starter ,basic and (n) versions of windows . do the following .
click on start , then all programs ,then accessories. look for command prompt and right click on it and select run as administrator.
a black window will open , next right click and copy this net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited
now paste it into the black window and click on enter on your keyboard and your done.

  mgmcc 20:25 13 Jul 2010

It appears that the options in the two previously posted links are not available in Windows 7 "Starter" or "Home Premium" editions.

Go to Start > All programs > Accessories then right click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. At the prompt, type...

net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited

...and press Enter. Your password shouldn't then expire.

  marble 20:28 13 Jul 2010

Thank you merlinx - I had thought of trying that next - your explanation of doing it is lovely and clear, thank you.

When I get a peaceful moment tonight I will do it

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