Outlook 2007 Possible Problem

  J B 14:36 21 Jun 2007

I have noticed in the past week or two that email messages with attachments, in particular, PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents, and Excel worksheets stay in the out box for a time, up to 2 to 3 minutes before they are sent. You cannot close outlook for that very reason. I have recently changed from Norton Internet Security 2007 to Microsoft One Care. Norton was giving me all sorts of trouble but since it was a free trial I didn't lose any money over it. Now, I am trailing One care and I have 87 days to either like it or not. I was wondering if the problem could be with One Care, and if it isn't, Outlook must be the problem. If it is, is there a fix for it because I cannot find one at present. I would appreciate any help offered. J.B.

  anskyber 14:47 21 Jun 2007

Have you got OneCare set up to scan outgoing attachments?

I regret I do not use it so I cannot help on how to find out but my own anti virus program is switchable to turn off the attachment scan for out going mail.

  J B 11:00 23 Jun 2007

I am going to post this in helproom. J.B.

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