Office XP compatibility with Vista

  Taff™ 10:04 07 Oct 2007

I have been forced to buy a new Vista laptop whilst my other XP machine is being returned to the manufacturers for repair. I have read that there are compatibility issues with Office XP (2002)- in particular Outlook.

Has anyone had experience of loading and using this version of Office with Vista Home Premium? If so what were the problems.

  crosstrainer 12:38 07 Oct 2007

Have noticed that outlook has been replaced in Vista with Windows Mail. As long as you use this and not Outlook, or Outlook Express Office should run fine....Updates on the MS website.

  FreeCell 15:52 07 Oct 2007

Windows Mail is a replacement for Outlook Express, not Outlook. It does not have the functionality of Outlook and is even limited compared to OE as it allows only one email account without switching user accounts. There is also Windows Calendar in Vista.

There are compatibility issues with Office and Vista for Office 2002 and older versions. MS provide no support/updates. Most of the Office components work but Outlook seems problematic and I have not successfully got it working using Outlook 2000 and Vista, but others have had more success.

  Forum Editor 16:44 07 Oct 2007

Outlook is the one that is most likely to glitch when confronted with anything even slightly new or unusual, and Outlook 2000 is no exception. There are certainly 'issues', as the industry likes to call problems, and whether or not you experience them is more or less down to luck. I've known people who have run Outlook 2000 in Vista without any trouble at all, and I've know people who tried to do it without success.

There is a little fix that you can try. It has worked for lots of people, but I offer no guarantee, and you try it entirely at your own risk. It won't break your computer, so it's worth a go.

find the following files in Program Files\Common Files\System


and copy them to


Post back and tell us if it works.

  Taff™ 06:21 08 Oct 2007

Thanks for the responses so far & apologies for the delay in posting back.

FE - Should I implement the "Fix" before or after loading Office XP? ("Fix" suggests after) I have Acronis True Image so I might be able to try both and see if either works.

  Forum Editor 06:56 08 Oct 2007

and try Outlook. If you have a problem, try the fix.

  FreeCell 12:41 08 Oct 2007

Good luck Taff.
I was inspired to have another go, after failing when we first got the Vista machine, I can now report a successful installation of Office 2000, including Outlook 2000.

Have copied .dlls as per FE post. Initial problem with Outlook was that the Account Setup screen kept appearing every time you started Outlook, but have resolved this with a registry change as per NT solution given by MS. (Changes privileges to registry key to allow Outlook settings to be saved)

Installation of Office updates needs careful attention as with Vista no automatic update check seemed available. I learnt that for SPs especially it was better to save the download and then run the install as Administrator (right click on executable). Avoided problem with a need to "elevate" application error message.

Now just trying to set up Vista account to share calendars and will be back where I had hoped to be.

  Taff™ 12:54 08 Oct 2007

I`d be grateful of the link to the article that "resolved this with a registry change as per NT solution given by MS. (Changes privileges to registry key to allow Outlook settings to be saved)"

And thanks to FE. I`ll attempt this installation later this evening.

  FreeCell 16:05 08 Oct 2007

click here

It says for NT and the instructions are not exactly the same as in Vista but is certainly close enough for you to work out the change to make to the permissions.

Mine was Outlook 2000 so maybe you won't have this problem. Good luck.

  Forum Editor 17:11 08 Oct 2007

Try your installation without the NT registry changes - at least to begin with.

  M.Pash 17:15 08 Oct 2007

Having just installed my daughter at uni, with a new laptop os vista home premium,but no office utilities,my wife has win office this thread is a great help.if my daughter never uses outlook,as hotmail is her email utility of choice.would i be correct in thinking that there would be no issues and installation would be straight forward and just as it says on the box.

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