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  Micon 06:35 02 Mar 2007

Hey Guys,

Need some urgent help..

I have a client of mine who just recently purchased a new HP Presario laptop with Vista home premium and office 2007 professional on it.

If i try to open up an old document i have moved accross it crashes office 2007 and it never opens again. Even if i try to open Word from Sart>Programs etc... It also prompts me to open word in safe mode but still doesnt work.

I tried creating a new account and guess what microsoft office 2007 opens on its own, soon as i try open an old document not the same one a different one it causes me the same problem..

I have uninstalled and re-installed office cleaned out the registry etc etc.

Anyone experienced the same problem? or have any ideas what a possible fix for this could be>?

  SteveWH 13:36 02 Mar 2007

I had a big problem with Office Crashing for me the cause was using a network printer probably not your problem. Have you run the diagnostic progamme: Word Start Button - Word Options - Resources -run diagnostics

you may find more help on the Microsoft Office newsgroup

Opening old office documents in office 2007 is not possible unless you have filters installed to convert them. Microsoft (the company we all know and love) have decided in their wisdom to make the file format of office 2007 incompatible with all other versions of its office software. Check out the Microsoft site you should be able to download the filter converters from there.


  SteveWH 21:18 02 Mar 2007

I have no problem opening earlier document versions they open in compatable mode there is no need to download anything to do it.

You can't open a 2007 docx file on an earlier version. I believe that there is a download that enables this.

  Tel 23:48 02 Mar 2007

I just opened a document that contained some links. When I placed the cursor over the link a Pop-up told me to Control+ Click to open link; it worked perfectly


Knew I read it somewhere. Firstly if you run an earlier version of Office to 2007 you will need to install the 2007 compatibility pack, (27 Mb download) this allows the earlier versions of office to open the Open XML format of office 2007.
However, their is a rival to Open XML which is already approved by the ISO called the Open Document Format(ODF). Microsoft are at this momment seeking ISO recognision for the Open XML format but it is by no means certain they will get it due to the fact that ODF is already a standard. Microsoft are backing an open source plug-in allowing office XP, 2003 and 2007 to be able to cope with the ODF format. Information regarding this project is at:

click here

Hope that this has been of some use.



  micktrish 05:32 03 Mar 2007

Office 2007 should be able to open earlier office file versions but when you have an office 2007 document completed you must "save as" an earlier office version, just save as and you get your choices.

hope this helps

  Micon 14:31 05 Mar 2007

I downloaded the a microsoft office compatibility pack from there website so far it hasnt crashed on me.. I think this might have resolved the problem..

I will report back and let you guys know after some more testing...

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